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Interactive graphic: Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn

Fearless and lightning-fast, Lindsey Vonn is America’s best chance at an Alpine skiing gold medal. Coaches credit her success partly to an intense workout regimen, smart tactics and an ideal body type for Alpine. A two-time overall World Cup champion, she might compete in all five Alpine disciplines, but Vonn is at her best in the speed events — downhill and Super G.

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Comments (3)

Lindey is the best, and her weight has nothing to do with it.
She is the best skier.
She is 5'10'' and heavier. However, she accelerates due to gravity
at 9.8 m/sec2, just like everybody else. Her Acceration is the same as
someone 100 pounds. Heavier does not make you fall faster. A lead apple
accerates and hits the ground at the same time as a normal apple.
She won her last race by .17 seconds.
Force=mass x acc., but force is not speed.
Vel= acceleration x time; 9.8m/sec squared x time
Your remark MASS + FORCE= FAST is WRONG.
If it were true, they would wear weight, and then pass a rule against it.
A heavy guy and a thin guy jump into a pool and will hit the water around the
same time. The FAT guy will have more FORCE, but not SPEED ! Both will
hit around the same time.

By the way, a fantastic artile you wrote!!! I emailed it too many people.
Great writing!!!!

About her weight again. People say her weight is a advantage due to wind!
Yea, she is bigger so the wind should slow her down!
Guess who is 2nd two in the world ? Her close friend Maria.
Here is her size and weight
Birthplace: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany
Ht: / Wt: 5'11" / 167 lbs
Birthdate: November 24, 1984
She is taller and heavier than Lindey and the same age!
I just thought that was interesting, given who made the weight comment.


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