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Kim Yuna: Athleticism and grace on ice

Kim Yuna of South Korea, favored to win gold in women’s figure skating, combines superb technical skill and dramatic skating. One demanding jump sequence in her repertoire.
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Comments (5)

This is a nice chart, but I'm not sure you did everything correctly.
I'm sure that the one picture where Yu-Na 'lands, moving seamlessly into her next move" is not part of her triple lutz, double toe, double loop combination.
I followed her programs very intently through the years and this is her coming out of her double axel - so that makes this information you're giving wrong.
Furthermore, the last image in this chart, the girl rotating, is not Yu-Na Kim.
That's Mao Asada wearing her costume for her short program in the 2006-2007 season.
So, wrong information again. Was it so hard to find some pictures of Yu-Na rotating herself? I'm sorry if I seem too niggling, but one must at least get the basic facts right.

I'm please to see your poster.
But the last picture; Big one,white dressed. it seems to be not Yu-na Kim's Jump. When she jummped, her head was always straight. Not like that.
I think that one is might be other low level skater's positioning.

Thanks for your nice poisting! Yuna's 3lz - 2t-2lo combinations which she jumped last season(08-09) was amazing.

By the way, the picture below is not Yuna. She doesn't pre-rotate her head and upper body when she jumps. Her head and upperbody stays straight forming a perfect position.

Some skaters like in the picture have a tendency to pre-rotate to meet the three revolutions, and when they do, their head looks like the picture, and even their upper body sometimes looks like twisted. (The picture shows a bad example that a skater's upperbody rotates 3 times while her legs and feet rotates 2~2.5 times, which is kinda cheated jump.)

Yuna doesn't have any of that. She doesn't have pre-rotations, and just takes off right away with the high speed, which makes her the perfect textbook skater, and that's why her jumps look sooo beautiful and solid!

@Queen Yu-Na
Yu-Nas technique isn't flawless either. She is very good, no doubt.
But it's getting on my nerves how people always pretend that she's the only flawless jumper in the world. She is not. Even Yu-Na received UR calls this season and EVERY skater perotates a little bit. It's normal.

hey hannah33
the UR call is controversy after the competition. Many press
wrote it and wonder if the call is fair. She rotated enough to admit 3 toe. why do you become so nervous?


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