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IOC President says Plushenko's behavior only an expression of disappointment

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge criticized Jamaica's Usain Bolt as being disrespectful to his competitors when the Jamaican sprinter celebrated his victory in the 100 meters at the Beijing Olympics well before the finish line.

Yet Rogge pretty much gave Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko a pass for repeated comments disrespectful of his opponents and his sport after losing the Olympic men's figure skating title Thursday to Evan Lysacek of the United States.


Plushenko, the 2006 Olympic champion, also made light of the awards ceremony and the traditional medalists' victory lap.

In the awards ceremony, he jumped up to the gold medalist's step on the podium, grinned and then walked to the lower silver medal step. He tried to avoid the victory lap and wasted no time removing the silver medal from his neck once leaving the ice.

Asked on Saturday for his reaction to Plushenko's behavior, Rogge said, "I think he was very disappointed, obviously, and some times in disappointment, you express things you wouldn't express at another time.''

Rogge said he did not know that Plushenko said a competition in which the winner did not try a quadruple jump was "not men's skating.  It is dance.''

"If that is the case, it is ill-advised, of course,''  Rogge said.

Rogge asked to be told what Plushenko said.  After hearing it, the IOC president said.

"He should respect his competitors, which I think he does. He has probably pronounced some words in the emotion of disappointment, but definitely he has to respect his opponents, of course.''

Rogge's views of Bolt's antics were much different.

"That's not the way we perceive being a champion." Rogge said in an interview with three international news agency reporters in Beijing.

"I have no problem with him doing a show. I think he should show more respect for his competitors and shake hands, give a tap on the shoulder to the other ones immediately after the finish and not make gestures like the one he made in the 100 meters.''

In Beijing, Rogge did not soften his feelings a few days later, after the Jamaican had won the 100, 200 and relay golds, all in world-record times.

"I gave Usain Bolt what I think is fatherly advice, and I stand by what I said,'' Rogge said in his final Beijing news conference. "He should show more respect for his opponents. He is a young man of 22. He has time to mature.''

Plushenko is 27.  He has competed in three Olympics, winning two silver medals and one gold. That would seem plenty of time mature.

Of course, it certainly is a lot easier to take on a little Caribbean island than mighty Russia, once an Olympic superpower and host of the next Winter Games.

Photo: Evgeni Plushenko takes the wrong route to the silver medalist's step. Credit: Cameron Spencer / Associated Press

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Comments (26)

After such low points for Plushenko, whoom to respect?!
Plushenko should be on the 1st rank!
Many figure skaters can make transitions, but who can jump the quad-triple, except Plushenko, nowadays?!
Plushenko is the best!

Let's make a competition who will make on ice few steps more beautiful! What for to jump at all?!:)))

Great article! I agree, it's all about politics; no one has the guts to say anything to mighty Russia, that's why Plushenko is always so arrogant. Plushenko = SORE LOSER!

The IOC president's predjudices are certainly showing. He reprimands a black Jamaican for a rather minor case of poor sportmanship but defends the white Russian who took poor sportmanship to a new level. Or is it that the Jamaican athlete is from a small poor country and the Russian is from a large powerful nation, either way it shows Rogge's predjudices.

Do those shoes that the Russian is wearing have "heels" on them?

And he criticizes another guy for not being enough of a "man" to try a jump?

Plushenko is the winner. Period. He's right to mock the judges: otherwise we will watch the sport degrade to simplest 2 turn jumps.

I don't think Rogge's comments are racially motivated, but if the Jamaican had been from a big, powerful country, he would have had his behavior excused and explained away, too. But Jamaica is relatively small and powerless, therefore, its safe for the IOC president to criticize him.

What hypocrisy. Plushenko's behavior was disrespectful and embarrassing. But that's nothing new -- he's always been quite obnoxious.

It is amazing how quick north america to critisize russian athlets yet absolutely be fine with canadian team getting unfair gold after they complained and made a big fuss in salt lake city. That was extremely disgusting incident for canadian figure skaters. Their behaviour was not appropriate and they did not deserve to receive gold back in 2002. It is a "phoney" gold just as Lycychek "phoney" gold in 2010. It is all about north america wanting their skaters to win no matter what cost!!!

I find it interesting that a wrestler who threw his medal down in protest of judging had it taken away and this guy who took his off, jumped on the gold podium, and calls into question his opponent's manhood gets a pass.

Evgeni Plushenko is a much better skater than Evan Lysacek, I thought Plushenko skated better, all his moves and quad jump deserve the gold, not Lysacek. I think the judges did not reconize Plushenko as a better skater but are probably routing more for the US than anybody else. I wanted if they are being paid under the table to vote one sided as I have witnessed this in this Olympics and it is wrong. Evan Lysacek is the real winner.

Plushenko had a shaky landing on his quad and two more shaky landings on 2 triples. Lysacek had one shaky landing on a triple axel. That being said, if it were a jumping contest, why have music, costumes, spins, or footwork. It is a 4 minute 40 second program. Plushenko should take a lesson from Michelle Kwan who didn't whine, but was gracious when she didn't win gold. Or a better idea. Several years ago Janet Lynn made a comeback in a professional skating competition. She was having knee problems and didn't do a single jump. She was incredible!! Figure skating is so much more than jumps. It is the whole package. Evan had it ALL that night. What a joy to watch.

Watch the programs!! Lysacek was flawless with one iffy landing to a jump. Plushenko did well but was all over the place with his landings. Ask Dick Button, ask Scott Hamilton. They even went on to say that Plushenko didn't have that spark of excitement to win. He was just doing it just cause. He EXPECTED to win. He EXPECTED the judges to just give him the gold. And now that he hasn't, he's mad. The proof is in the pudding. It has nothing to do with a quad jump. It has everything to do with the WHOLE performance. Evan deserved the gold.

Plushenko is a crybaby and whiner. He is an extraordinary skater who could have won the gold had he executed his jumps better or performed jumps during the second half of his program. He did neither and that's why he got the silver.

His attitude is an embarrassment to his country. The Russians once reigned supreme in ice skating; now the Chinese have taken the gold in pairs, and an American won the gold in the men's competition. I think they have a problem accepting they are no longer the powerhouses they once were.

By the way, the only one who was probably robbed of points was Johnny Weir, but you don't see him taking jabs at other skaters. That's true sportsmanship and he should be proud of his performances at the Olympics.

I would like to ask how much did usa pay, for its skater to get the gold. when you fall while performing and the opponent does not, yet the opponent has the stronger performance, with more dificult elements, and still loses.Once again usa bought this one, all we ha to be thankful for that they did not send the army to "free" the gold medal.

Americans just cannot take it when someone, like Plushenko, expresses a point of view different from their own. He showed disappoinment and frustration after the final, and he expressed his feelings and point of view openly. He did not insult anyone directly or with evil purpose, and now he is being attacked by real anger from the American side. I wish people were more generous, like the winner, Evan Lysacek, who did not make a big deal out of the criticism directed at him.

The difference is that Bolt got the gold medal he earned. Plushenko's gold medal was stolen from him by a guy who probably shouldn't have even placed. Plushenko can say whatever he wants - he is the true champion.

Fatherly advice? Or slaveowner sense of superiority.

White is right--no matter what-- for Rogge...and most of you.

usain bolt may need to mature more but Plushenko need to stop being a little girl and i dont care which country anyone is from think about the haiti earth quake just like that God can take us all.

lana's comments can be turned around to state that it's all about Russia wanting their skaters to win no matter what the cost!

The Canadian couple in 2002 did not behave poorly. Canada lodged an official protest, and the IOC took the unprecedented step of awarding a second gold, implicitly acknowledging the corruption of the French judge and skating federation president, who were in cahoots with the Russians and probably the Russian mafia.

If Plushenko really thought he deserved the gold, Russia would lodge an official complaint about the results. Since they know there is nothing to complain about, they aren't going to lodge a complaint.

Instead, the Russian media, politicians, the coach, and the athlete make denigrating comments about the winner, and Plushenko acts in an unsportsmanlike manner, showing his true colors. His medal should be stripped.

I believe that it's a bit more complex than race or size of country.

Firstly, Jamaica may be small, but in the Olympics they are heavyweights. So to play this off as a David vs. Goliath issue is sorta unfair and wrong. Despite its size, Jamaica carries a lot of clout in world Olympics.

Rogge did get a lot of negative pushback on that statement about Bolt from pretty much everyone. He was roundly chastised for the statement. It could be that Rogge having got so burned by the reactions to that statement he decided not to be as harsh this time around.

Or maybe, just maybe, like me - he thought the Russian was robbed!

Dear Rogge, I am a Belgian residence living where you used to live. This is my honest opinion for you.
Also this is a message to Chinquanta.

Plushenko was bashed so hard by Canadian and American media before even this Olympics started! Please read the comment by the former Canadian pair skater who urged another Gold medal in 2002 Salt Lake. He and Rogge should blame on the fact if you say what "Fair Play should be!" The media largely took a part of this drama. You, two should have had let those people shut up before this Olympics. Now figure skating looks so disgusting. You, two made it so.

No wonder Plushenko now blasts out!

I put my comments here again for the other article.

The new system is surely better than the old one that couldn't value all the elements of skaters' performances. The problem of the new system is that judges undervalue jumps. Lysacek and Patrick Chan talk about their artistry, transitions,spins and footsteps more than jumps. If so, they can go to the professional competitions rather than World Champs and Olympics, which should stay as sports! It is important to value Plushenko's Athletism more than artistry.

After Torino, skaters tried to catch up Plushenko's level. It has been constantly impossible for them to equal to his jumps and overall quality. That's why they come up with other elements better than him.
Without Plushenko, men's figure skating was just masculine. Plushenko brought other skaters to much higher levels!

The Olympic motto: "Citius, Altius, Fortius" or "Swifter, Higher, Stronger." Does Lysacek match to those three works? I put a question mark on it. So what will he leave the next generation? I say "DEVOLUTION"

This is the same person who had said that the luger was to blame for his own death on the skating track. The Russian was rude and made no doubt to anyone what he thought. The disrespect he showed was above and beyond that shown by bolt who was celebrating an amazing feat. I applaud the bronze medalist, a class act.

Fatherly advice or slaveowner mentality. Bolt has a father to give hin enough advice. Bolt being young and black should "know his place". I too am a Jamaican and Thank God we didn't learn the art of ass kissing. Rogge needs to go and sit on his fist if he needs something to talk about!!!!!

It is no surprising that he makes such remarks. People already know enough that ISU is deeply corrupt. The organization is the slave of moeny and power. ISU robbed Evegeny of what he deserves-the GOLD. Both his short and free programs are not fairly scored. I am really sad about that there are many insane people that believe Plushenko got the right score.NO. DEFINITELY NOT. The gold medal is absolutely his. I applause Evgeny's true sportsmanship and adventurous spirit. He succesfully executed 4-3 combo that few people does nowadays. I am so sure that the futureskating will be mere gala show without quad. I bet.

This is to Leon:What skaters were you watching??? Evan didn't fall,not once.He had the better program period.I watched Evans interview and he was very classy and never said one bad thing about Plushenko's comments.What an idiot you are!!!

Under current ISU's Judging System, it is uttely clear that Lysacek performed excellently than Plushenko.
But the thing is that-if the system is going on, it would lead quad-jump to extinct, for there's no need to do quad to get a first place.
Is that the sports?
In the previous Olympic, nobody could win without quad.
Nowadays figure skating world is being backward IN OVBIOUS.
That's the very thing Plushenko has kept claiming.

I think Lysacek was really clever and his gold medal was no doubt also in terms of his performance.
However I couldn't agree more with Plushenko. (and personally speaking, Plushenko should've been the first place, I think, though.)

Yes, Plushenko could be a little bit childish when he made the comment in question about "Gold medal".
But I think what he said was just a fact; Plushenko has got gold in Olympic already and Lysacek hadn't yet and he needed it as one of the great figure skaters.
I cannot understand why these matters like racism or politics comes up here.

I really love to see quad-jump as well as marvellous steps and now I can't wait March, if you ask me.
I'm wondering the judging system would be amended.
I hope it would be done, really.



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