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Hannah Teter wins silver, Kelly Clark bronze in women's halfpipe


There were 11 entrants in the women's halfpipe final Thursday night at the Vancouver Winter Olympics (there are usually 12, but one, Queralt Castellet of Spain, had to withdraw because of an injury). The U.S. had four of the 11 entrants, so odds for a medal were pretty good. But gold wasn't meant to be.

They ended up with two, as Hannah Teter won the silver with 42.4 points. Kelly Clark won the bronze with 42.2 points. The gold went to Torah Bright of Australia with 45.0 points.

Gretchen Bleiler of the U.S. fell on both of her runs. Elena Hight was in eighth after the first run, then crashed in the second.

-- Houston Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Hannah Teter competes in her first run. Credit: Kyle Terada, US Presswire.

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Comments (3)

too bad for Gretchen Bleiler. she seems like a really nice person. is that her in that lou reed commercial?

Including half pipe (men or women) as an Olympic sport is a joke and adds nothing - I guess it's a way to increase the American medal total. The competition is nothing more than acrobatics and most cannot land tricks consistently anyway. It was sad how much prime time coverage was given to this so called sport, while traditional events like cross country skiing that actually include races against competitors are completely ignored. I also didn't appreciate snowboard uniforms bagging so low to show underwear - it's a disgrace all the way around.

Congratulations on the fine performances by the American snowboard team.
Hate to rain on their parade. But about our teams' clothes.
Really disappointing. Dressed down.
Ugly-Azz plaid shirt hoodie.
And those pants: Worn out, faded, baggy, used blue-jeans. Where did they come from?: The homeless shelter? Goodwill? The thrift store?
Look like someone just pulled them out at the last minute from the dirty laundry bin. They looked like they could have been posing for a Boost Mobile Cel Phone ad. At least they didn't have those pants hanging down below exposed boxer shorts, as is the fashion of the day on certain streets.
Our team looked like hobos.
Dressed like they were going out into the back yard to clean up after the dogs.
Is this some clothes designers idea of fashion?
Mr. Blackwell, the late fashion critic, would have a better description if he weren't turning over in his grave.
What were they thinking? I'll confess what I was thinking: Disgraceful. Disreputable. Embarassing. Raggedy-Ann ragamuffins. Shabby. Trashy. Classless. Tasteless. Low-rent. Not-ready-for-prime time. Out of place. Grunjy. Tacky. Unkempt. Slovenly. Inappropriate. Immature. Adolescent. Juvenile. Clueless. Dare we say, disrespectful to the nation they are representing and the Olympic venue they were participating in.
The other teams looked great, beautiful even.

I've always rooted for the American representatives at the Olympics. If there is consolation in any of our losses, it is that these excuses for uniforms will have less exposure. Let us hope this sport will mature and we have seen the last of these.


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