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David Wallechinsky looks back at Franz Klammer

Note: Klammer's run starts 36 seconds into the above video

1976 Innsbruck, Austria, Men's Downhill:
In 1975, Franz Klammer of Mooswald in Carinthia won eight of nine World Cup downhill races. When the Olympics came to Innsbruck the following year, there was great pressure on the 22-year-old Klammer as an Austrian favorite competing in Austria. Further pressure was exerted by defending champion Bernhard Russi, who sped down the 3145-meter (1.95 mile) Olympic hill in 1:46.06. The 15th starter of the day, Klammer fell one-fifth of a second off Russi's pace, but fought back wildly in the last 1,000 meters. "I was waiting at the finish line," Russi later recalled, "and I felt the people. I felt the power on the mountain of 60,000 people screaming for their man. Suddenly I felt my personality start to divide. One side was 'I would like to win this race.' The other side was 'If I win the race, the party's over.' I became kind of a fan for Franz."
Klammer nipped Russi by one-third of a second. Flushed with excitement, Klammer told reporters that at one point he skied so close to the fence lining the course that "I heard a shout or scream from a lady. I thought I  was hitting her with a pole..... I thought I was going to crash all the way..... Now I've got everything. I don't need anything else."
Looking back 23 years later, Klammer told the Rocky Mountain News, "But the best moment was when Bernhard came running up to me and gave me a big hug. It was the most sincere congratulations of all. I beat him and he says 'Franz, congratulations for all you have done.' It still shivers me."

-- David Wallechinsky

The above is from "The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics: 2010 edition" by David Wallechinsky and Jaime Loucky, available in bookstores everywhere or here.

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I remember watching the Klammer gold on TV, it's my favorite winter Olympic moment of all time. Franz was on a wild, out-of-control ride down the mountain. Beatty and Gifford were getting speechless, waiting for him to crash. But Franz came through in the clutch... amazing!!


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