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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger takes part in Olympic torch relay

Arnold Cheered on by hundreds of fans, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger carried the Olympic torch through Vancouver, Canada, during the final leg of its journey on Friday morning.

Schwarzenegger carried the torch through part of Stanley Park, handing it off to former British track and field star Sebastian Coe, chairman of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Schwarzenegger carried it about 700 meters -- the average distance is about 300 meters.

One fan held a sign that read "The Torchinator" as Schwarzenegger ran past.

Former Kings captain Wayne Gretzky also carried the torch Friday.

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger carries the Olympic torch through Stanley Park in Vancouver early Friday morning. Credit: Robert Ghement / EPA

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Comments (21)

You may want to double check your facts - Gretzky's dad, Walter carried the flag this morning - i don't think Wayne is until later - there is speculation he will be the one to light the final cauldron at the opening ceremonies.

The Torchinator! LOL! Those crazy Canucks!

I know he's 62 but Arnold looks like he's wearing Botox instead of injecting it

why is Arnold in Canada carrying the torch? we have a lot of California problems. Come back home.

This is absolutely ridiculous! Our Governor, the Governor of the worst run state in the union, instead of being here in California, trying to clean up the massive mess he's made of this state, feels that his time is better spent in another country, literally, running around!? I didn't vote for this "actor" which, sadly, is about the only solace I can find about still living in this state. (As bad as he's made it) I was born and raised in L.A. I was here before this idiot came here, and I'll be here after he's gone. I hang onto the hope that things will only get better.
Hasta' la' vista, clown.

Is it just me, or is the shape of the torch somehow reminiscent of BC's biggest export?

Schwarzenegger is not Canadian, why was he given this honor, what has he done for Canada? I can think of hundreds of other Canadians that deserve to do this.

Arnold carrying the torch was part BC kissing butt. Arnie has publicly bashed BC theft of film and television production from California. But Arnold has realized that Canada and BC are important for California as well. As in most of our television stars end up moving to LA. Most of the films and television productions feature American LA based resident talent, who spend and pay taxes on the money they make in California, etcetera. Plus Canada and BC import more goods (agriculture, Silicon Valley technology) then we export. Canada and BC are California's biggest trade partners. So yes, California has problems, but the solution is promoting California for investment and opening further export trade markets. Arnold in BC is good for California. Id bet that a huge portion of California's tourists come from Vancouver and BC. In school it was rare for my fellow students to not have been to Disney Land. Arnold was awesome pr for California!

Gretzky, well thats a prime example of how Canada and the United States (California) benefit from a close open border relationship. Without Gretzky a Canadian national sports hero. Hockey in California would not be as big--maybe even no Anaheim and because of Gretzky many Canadians became huge Kings fans. Arnold and the other American torch bearers have me calling these games: Canada and The United States of America host the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Discraceful, VANOC's endorsement of steroids. Arnie represents everything that is not associated with an Olympian.

Hi, so does anyone agree that it would be a good idea at this point to start looking at the possibility of a democratic union between Canada and the USA? I can think of a many advantages for both Canadians and Americans.

It doesn't seem far-fetched, it seems like the natural evolution of our relationship. Seeing Arnold bearing the torch like this in B.C., really conjures the idea that we've reached that step.

What do others think? I say the L.A. times should start scoping out this possibility, start to talk about it more, see what the reactions are. The timing is good, it seems like the decade for such open talks to happen.

Or is it just me?


"Schwarzenegger is not Canadian, why was he given this honor, what has he done for Canada? I can think of hundreds of other Canadians that deserve to do this."

As a Californian myself, it is hard to hear a Canadian bashing my governor, or my 'governator' :P when I have seen studies that BC is actually closer to the West Coast in shared values than it is with other parts of Canada on the East Coast.

After all, people in British Colombia were talking about making the country of Cascadia with Washington, Oregeon and possibly part of Northern California right? I don't recall them talking about Alberta, Idaho, or the Yukon.

Lets face it, our two countries are interdependent of each other. I could think of no better neighbor to have in this world than Canada and I wish you thought so too.

I think its good to see the USA and Canada both taking part in this the torch relay. Heck both countries are so similar. Even more so along the west coast.
I'm from Oregon and As far as I'm conserned the people in BC are just the same from what I have seen as the people in oregon. It's about time the two countries start looking at becoming one.

Why in the world was he given the honour of carrying a CANADIAN torch when he himself is American and before that Austrian? Why did we deprive some other well deserving Canadian of an honour that should be reserved for Canadian's since the Olympics are being held in Canada this year?

Personally I find this to be a complete waste, if BC wants better relations with California don't use the Olympics to do it, do it some other way. A Canadian should have carried it hell Stephen Harper or Ignatief would have been more deserving..... at least they are Canadian! All in all I find that to be a complete waste of something that only happens once, a publicity stunt that has shammed a proud tradition of having natives to the hosting country carrying the sacred torch. Terry Fox's mother should have carried the torch in his place.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Schwarzenegger, I'm not American so he's done nothing to me, but he should have refused the honour on the basis that he is not Canadian, I don't remember seeing a Canadian carry the Olympic torch when the Olympics were in Salt Lake City. Basically a Canadian should carry the torch next time it's in America. And for him to carry it 700m instead of the traditional 300m is again a waste! I have no idea what they were thinking.

As a Canadian living in the USA, I have a love for both countries and have always admired Arnie from back when I followed one of his bodybuilding books. Go Arnie! Go Canada! Go USA!

Why in the world was Arnie there to steal a Canadian's 15 minutes of fame and probably that Canadian's proudest moment? Does this mean the next time the Games are in California, Celine Dion will be carrying the torch for the U.S.?

I noticed several people making comments on here about the US and canada joining. Seems like an odd comcept but interesting either way. Really odd that Arnie running the torch would spawn that idea but then again I guess it does show to an extent what close ties the two countries have.

How insulting after he bad mouths Canada for American films being filmed here they allowed him here to steal a Canadian spot to carry the torch. Tis a sad day in Canadian history

As a Canadian, I don't think that Arnie should have run personally, but I guess it's good PR for Canada/US relations. People cheered him on when he did it, so why not.
As for the other comment regarding a union, I have always wondered about why the countries are split horizontally, rather than a more vertical border. To me, it seems like east coast US/east Canada has a lot in common, and west coast Canada/west coast US does have more in common as well. Not just geographically, but culturally/attitudes as well. I truly think a state of BC, Washington, Oregon, and California would be alright IMO.

Having an American - any american carry the torch during theolympics held in Canada is ridiculous. Instead of being the independant nation that we claim, we puckered our lips to the behind of the USA once again and sold our souls for the publicity and I'm suspecting the approval of the US so that they would watch our Olympics, otherwise why would Matt Lauer and Arnie carry this torch?

It was truly an embarrassing day for me as a CDN. Shame on us.

America is a great country, but it is not Canada. Yes both countries have coke and McDonalds, but that does not a country make. I know many Americans who have moved here and have asked them if they see a difference. And the answer was a resounding "Yes". They said people who come and visit here just don't get it. But when they moved here, the difference was night and day.
Im not anti American, but Im not an American. We can be friends, allies and partners. But your country is your country ours is ours.
For those who think a political union is coming, well anything is possible. But it will be along time in coming if at all. Anti Americanism in Canada is still a very real thing in Canada.

God bless Canada and the US

California, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska, and British Columbia have also signed The Pacific Coast Collaborative:

"With a combined population of 52 million and a GDP of $2.5 trillion, Alaska, British Columbia, California, Oregon and Washington are poised to emerge as a mega-region and global economic powerhouse driven by innovation, energy, geographic location and sustainable resource management, attracting new jobs and investment while enhancing an already unparalleled quality of life." quote from their website.

The Gov of Washington State also participated in the relay. Both American govs did so not as Americans, but as citizens of Pacific North America. Um, think North American Union is going to happen a lot sooner then Canadians and Americans think. My only real complaint is they did this under the political cover of the Olympics. As in first joint cabinet meeting of the jurisdictions and without input of the citizens of the jurisdictions involved! LA times thats the real story and You missed it!


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