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Apolo Anton Ohno disqualified in men's 500-meter final


Short-track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno didn't add another medal to his collection Friday night, when he was disqualified for pushing in the final of the men's 500 meters at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Ohno appeared to push Francois-Louis Tremblay of Canada on the final turn, causing Tremblay and South Korean skater Sung Si-Bak to fall.

Charles Hamelin of Canada won the gold, Sung the silver, Tremblay the bronze. Ohno has one more chance to win a medal later Friday night in the men's 5,000-meter relay.

-- Houston Mitchell in Vancouver, Canada

Photo: Apolo Anton Ohno, left, was disqualified for pushing the skater in front of him on the final turn. Credit: John David Mercer, U.S. Presswire.

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Comments (80)

Congratulations Canada for wining the most GOLD medals. Hope you get another today! I'm American but I'm tired of my whining countrymen and prima donna athletes so I'm switching allegiance. GO CANADA.

Costas just interviewed Ohno and talked about the gracious way he accepted the call. Guess Costas wasn't watching when Apolo whined about the "Canadian judge on Canadian soil."

Wow, I think everyone has they right to say what they want.. Im from Canada and saw the race and rewatch it in slowmo and all. Ohno didn't push our team. He was protecting himself from falling. if he was going to push him you would have seen his hand NEVER extended. Now yes his hand was rested against Tremblay like i said for protection from him running into him. you could tell he was going to fall anyways and it was just a matter of how. now Hamelin CLEARLY push the s korean, but you could tell the he pushed because the korean was falling and he was pushing him out of the way. So what should have happened if they were going to dq ohno then they should have hamelin as well. but if not then leave it the way it was with hamelin in gold, and ohno silver.
as for OH NO's post you have no respect for anyone.. Its 50 states of AMERICA NOT AMERICAN>> You completely made yourself sound like an idiot. and you make our country sound disrespectful. you need to grow up everyone can have a right to say what they want but to disrespect their Country is going to far.

During the time Apolo's hand was upon Tremblay,the Canadian did not skate revealing he lost his balance. The footage shows just how lightly Apolo had lifted his hand from Tremblay. Within a few seconds thereafter Tremblay fell. One can see that Apolo had no intention of pushing Tremblay out of his way. It may have caused Tremblay to lose his concentration or the rough ice caused his skate(s)to slide out of control, but Apolo would never have stooped to winning a race for any medal in an unprofessional manner; that's just not the way he gets the job done. When he's on the ice, he's a very experienced skater and knows his strategies and puts them into play when an opening presents itself w/o having to push and shove others around the ice. Apolo expected the race to be a very challenging one and he handled the outcome as only a true champion would. From the get go, a judge not from Canada should have been selected, so Tremblay would not have been given the advantage so easily unless truly deserving.

I think that this race was not at Apollo's advantage due to the referee being a Canadian, but he continues to have such a heart full of compassion for his sport. I think that he is one of the best role models for all skaters and athletes. I enjoy watching his races very much and I hope he returns next year with his huge yawns and motivated attitude.
Sorry this was so late



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