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Another episode in the story of an 8-year-old at her first Olympics

February 26, 2010 | 10:51 am


Today was another nice day in Vancouver, no rain so I went for a bike ride around Stanley Park and then over to English Bay and I saw things that you cannot see if you are in a car or bus.


Along the ride there are all these things to see like Indian tote tome poles, two lighthouses, the Olympic rings that light up at night, a statue of a man running and someone hung some very large gloves with the Canadian maple leaf on them. The ride is mostly on flat land and a pretty easy to ride. It took me three hours. The ride was fun.



I also saw a statue of a girl in a wetsuit sitting on a rock in the water and she had a bird sitting on her head. When we got over to the other side of Stanley Park where they have beaches, on one part along the shore there were so many rocks and some were put together to look like a inukshuk, which is a stone sculpture used by Canada’s Inuit people, the logo for the Olympics.


When we got over to English Bay there on the beach is a very big inukshuk that stands so tall you can see it from very far away, someone also hung some large gloves on it.


Across the street were these big laughing statues that just made you smile back at them. We bought a hotdog and sat on the sea wall and watched the sun go down.

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-- Hannah Mitchell