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American Lindsey Jacobellis fails to reach snowboard cross final; Canada's Maelle Ricker wins gold


American Lindsey Jacobellis, who lost out on gold in 2006 when she crashed after showing off at the end of the run, was eliminated in the women's snowboard cross semifinals Tuesday afternoon at Cypress Mountain. Canada's Maelle Ricker went on to win the gold medal.

Ricker, who came to Vancouver as the leader in the World Cup standings this winter, easily outdistanced the field. France's Deborah Anthonioz ended up with the silver medal, while Olivia Nobs of Switzerland took the bronze.

Jacobellis, who went on to win the consolation race Tuesday afternoon to finish in fifth place overall, went off course in her semifinal heat. She and Ricker were the favorites to advance out of their semifinal, but as the two were jockeying for position at the front, Jacobellis lost her balance and went outside of a gate, leading to a disqualification.

Four years ago in Olympic finals at Turin, Italy, Jacobellis had a sizable lead going over the final jump on the course when she performed a stunt by grabbing her board. She crashed as she landed, quickly getting up to finish second.

-- Dan Loumena

Photo: Lindsey Jacobellis is all alone during a qualifying run Tuesday. Credit: Bela Szandelszky / Associated Press

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Comments (7)

Bad news. She should've never been allowed back after her showboat trick attempt failed. She does not represent her country and she's made women's snowboarding a scrutinized sport. She should be banned from another olympics. I love Karma and it does not look like this young lady has learned her lesson. Too bad for her country men and women. She's let herself and her country down.

A reminder to all that an Olympic gold medal is not such an easy thing to achieve, and that all celebrations should be reserved for AFTER winning one!

I'm glad Lindsey's boss got a replacement dish-washer while she competes at the games, otherwise none of us could make these entertaining comments.

Life goes on Lindsey don't give up. See you in 4 years, start today to make it back.

You people are out of your minds to leave such rude comments. Jacobellis is a superb athlete. She has a list of accomplishments like no other. Do not say she let America down, because I'm American and she did not let me down at all. She came after she lost out on Gold and got Silver. Silver! you act like receiving a Silver medal is a bad thing. Do people not undestand to even be apart of the Olympics is a accomplishments? So what,she faltered. Lindsey Jacobellis is young,talented, and great at what she does. On any given day she would have won, it just wasn't mean't to be. See you in 2014 Jacobellis. Looking forward seeing you capture the Olympic dream.

Lindsey Jacobellis is a champion period.
She won a a silver medal 4 years ago.
She has won many other events since.
She gave it her best in 2010.
She will be back in 2014.

Jacobellis is fantastic, mistakes or no. She can do what so few of us are able to do. That kind of exuberance, determination, and risk-taking is the envy of the world. Like other outstanding athletes, she is fabulous to watch from my couch position!
Mary F.


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