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How to get Vancouver Olympics tickets

We get calls every day from people wanting to know how the can get tickets to the Vancouver Winter Olympics next month. The following comes straight from the official Vancouver Olympics website:

Oly-logo Fan-to-fan marketplace
The fan-to-fan marketplace is the most secure way to buy tickets from other fans or legitimately sell your Vancouver 2010 tickets.

Vancouver 2010 Ticket Auction
A limited number of seats offering the best view or experience in the house at high-demand sport and ceremony events are now available to by auction and new packages will be posted every week at vancouver2010.com/tickets.

Go to the official websites listed above and you can probably find a ticket to the event you want. Be be aware: you will probably be paying a steep price. For example, an auction for one ticket to the Opening Ceremony is currently at $8,000, and climbing.

-- Houston Mitchell

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Comments (2)

Canada is one of the most anti-American countries there are. If you want to support people who hate your guts then enjoy.

As a Canadian (and Vancouverite), I'm sad to hear your comment. I think a lot of Canadians were very much anti-US Republican gov't, but not the people. In general, we travel a lot to the US, and we're excited to have Americans & the rest of the world come to our country.

Regarding the ticket prices: There are many deals to be had - for example, US vs. Suitzerland prelimiary hockey tickets are currently posted now for not too much more than cost. Also, a ticket to the opening ceremony is currently posted asking far less than the price quoted in the article above. I have found that in order to purchase fan-to-fan tickets (or even to look at resale prices), you will need to register on the Vancouver2010 ticket website.

We look forward to seeing some of you here next month!


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