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Sasha Cohen, Kimmie Meissner lose footing in skate comebacks

It has been a tough couple days for twentysomethings trying to make figure skating comebacks.

Thursday, former world and U.S. champion Kimmie Meissner, 20, announced her season -- and, likely, her competitive career -- were over because of a severe knee injury. She had ended her 2008-09 season with a withdrawal from the U.S. Championships because of a hip injury.

Friday, 2006 Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen, who turns 25 on Oct. 26, announced she was pulling out of next week's Grand Prix event in Paris -- which would have been her first competition in 3 1/2 years -- because of tendinitis in her right calf.

Cohen said she expects to be able to compete at Skate America on Nov. 12-15 in Lake Placid, N.Y.

"I have been advised to limit my training for the next few weeks,'' Cohen said in a statement.  "My pain is subsiding, but I have not been fully able to train for (the Bompard Trophy.)''

-- Philip Hersh

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Comments (4)

I am very sad for Kimmie, this is why staying in shape off season is so important, you have to avoid those injuries. As far as Sasha goes, does anyone really care. She couldn't hold it together when she was in her prime, now to try to take a spot away from a deserving up and comer is just too selfish. I am sure that her nerves will end up getting the best of her and one of the 2 performances will fall to pieces.

I love Sasha Cohen, she is one of the best skaters I have seen in a long long time. beauty, poise and a personality.
she does the most amazing things on ice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASHA!! I am 71 yrs old and have followed skating since it was first televised, before then- - - newspaper.

Also Yu Na Kim lovely skater. after all check out who trains her.

This is such a disappointment that, due to injury, Kimmie will be unable to compete in her two scheduled ISU events and beyond. Having watched her since 2005, it was always such a pleasure; she was triumphant and so cool under pressure. I just hope the younger US skaters can carry on her grace, competiveness, and ferocity.


I am very sad for you if you can't see how talented a skater Sacha is....Her personality shines through her dramatic skating... Always...She is by far the sexiest, most alluring, sassy and romantic skater to watch....I saw her perform in a regular ice show...She was.. Enchanting...and so much more relaxed that she didn't fall once....Performed like a dream...a living faerie...so light, amazingly flexible and delicate on her feet...
She is injured, and her recurring difficulties to perform her best under stress....is a very sad thing....We should feel compassion for her problem...
All skaters are beautiful...and this one is among... if not my top favorite.... May God forgive you for saying that no one cares about her....It is not true.


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