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Beach volleyball and dangers of the sun

May 21, 2009 | 11:56 am

Nygaard.220 The Times' Pete Thomas has just written a story heading into the Huntington Beach Open, fifth stop on the Assn. of Volleyball Professionals tour, about the comeback of Jeff Nygaard

Nygaard is back on the tour, ranked third with partner John Mayer, after having learned in 2007 that he had skin cancer. Nygaard is the most unmistakable player on the men's circuit: He's the only competitor out there who wears a long-sleeve shirt while he plays.

Nygaard tells Thomas that being in the sun was a concern after learning of his condition:

"I found myself wanting to compete but at the same time not wanting to be there. I'd have a few great points and then I'd retreat into myself saying, 'I really want to get out of the sun right now.' "

Thomas also reports that other players on the AVP tour have had skin cancer, though the tour is not naming any individuals. The story is posted on latimes.com now.

-- Mike James

Photo: Jeff Nygaard. Photo credit: AVP.