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Usain, a weapon of mass destruction

Usain Bolt BEIJING -- Usain Bolt, 19.30 seconds in the 200 meters.

Nothing more need be said, except that Michael Johnson set the previous record of 19.32 in 1996 and track experts thought it would last for half a century.


-- Randy Harvey

Photo: Jamaica's Usain Bolt celebrates his world record time and Olympic gold medal in the men's 200-meter finals on Wednesday at the Beijing Games. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.

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Comments (5)

Usain (lightning) Bolt - definitely a weapon of mass destruction.

Happy birthday man!

No disrespect to Ottey but we finally see a Jamaican who knows how to show up and perform in the big moment. He should be crowned king.

Olando moulton
A Jamaican living in Turks & Caicos

O Moultom..
..you are indeed disrespecting Ottey ..
Please remember she competed with drugged out americans....Bolt is performing
when the drugs have been cleaned up... So Big up Ottey..she's proved that she was clean by being able to still compete at the age of 48 yrs.
The comparison is totally unfair..

she's a legend ..Jamaica's Legend be proud of her.

"Nothing more need be said, except that Michael Johnson set the previous record of 19.32 in 1996 and track experts thought it would last for half a century."

Surely more than one sentence needs to be said about the greatest track & field achievement of modern time.
Or has the performance of Jamaica left the LA Times speechless.
You all can do better than that!
Lightning has struck twice in the form of 2 World Records and 2 Golds...
Im sure you had more to say about Phelps equally impressive achievements. My congratulations to both Bolt and Phelps!!

The Summer Games are wonderful!Wars are not the central point of this world meeting! Sports are! I am writing to express my concern about power.We are the most powerful nation on earth and what we say is important.Other nations see us as the world leader.My point; when sportcasters try to destroy a young man's dream,I am so disappointed.The young man, I am speaking of is UASIN BOLT.Why all the negative words,I watched as he won,he reactions were similar to other winners.We as Americans set the tone all around the world,so our reaction to this young man's victory caused other nations to look at him strangely and as a show-off,when Lebron James hangs from the net or Micheal Phelps makes his now world famous faces,we are pleased.This young man represents a small nation,that have not experienced the taste of victory not as often as the USA.This comment is coming from a 55 year old black female American.SPORTCASTERS OF THE GAMES,YOU OWE THIS YOUNG AN APOLOGY.If you have ever vacationed in his nation,great courtesy is always shown to their visitors.


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