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Strained hamstring takes Terrence Trammell out of 110m hurdles

Terrence Trammell after suffering a strained hamstring during his 110-meter hurdles heat.

BEIJING -- Two-time Olympic silver medalist Terrence Trammell suffered a moderate hamstring strain on his left leg and was unable to finish heat five of the 110-meter hurdles Monday.

Trammell was barely able to come out of the blocks, clearing the first hurdle but limping when he landed.

He released a statement hours after the heat:

“It was a freakish occurrence, such a freakish occurrence. All day yesterday I felt my hamstring twitch. It never cramped. I went and got treatment, and I hydrated very well. Today in warm-ups I didn’t feel bad at all. When it happened it was such a shock.

"It was the farthest thing from my mind. On my first run-through I felt good. I just needed to make an adjustment. Then on the second it grabbed, and I felt it tightening up. I tried to see if I could just take the first hurdle, but I couldn’t. I felt like I was on the brink of something huge. I did everything I needed to do, and I couldn’t have done anything else. This is truly how it was supposed to be. This definitely answers my question about 2012 in London. You can guarantee I will be there...."

The 100-meter hurdles was Trammell’s only event at these Games.

-- Debbie Goffa

Photo: Terrence Trammell after suffering a strained hamstring during his 110-meter hurdles heat. Credit: Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images

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