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Sorry Kobe, we couldn't feel your pain

BEIJING -- This Kobe Bryant video pretty much sums up the reason it's so important he is getting to compete here.

Life was so unfair until now.

--Randy Harvey

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Comments (4)

Yeah. This video is hilarious.


How about REAL Olympics commentary, instead of Kobe bashing?

THIS IS VERY TOUCHING...................YEAHHHH.........GO USA!!!!!!!!!! GO DREAM TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is freaking hilarious.. I love Kobe and this was funny... oh my God.. Good job..

Bling !Bling! Kobie keep on shining. Pop your collar and keep it moving like you been doing. Just rememeber we need haters in the world. LOVE YOU KOBIE. WE GOT THE GOLD AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS


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