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Signature balance beam move: 'The Liukin'


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Nastia Liukin
harnesses her strength and grace in a signature combination balance beam move commentators call “The Liukin.” Liukin is expected to perform the move in the upcoming all-around competition at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

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Shawn is the real champion! Even though with somewhat perfect landing, Liukin is short with her appearing-elegant-but-not-standard act. She is famous for her frog-like legs when tucking and twisted legs when turning which came to our eyes again last night. These two act are part of her reasons for solid landing and turning. However, unfortunately, they are not legitimate practice and scores should be deducted! The highest score in the balance beam she got last night is out of nowhere since she has got much less difficult level and did worse than Shawn did. I am a Chinese. I wish to see Chinese girls to win. But, I have to say, the Chinese girl, Yiling Yang, lost it to Shawn, but not to Liukin!


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