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It's Phelps, in a photo finish, for the seventh gold medal

Finish The International Olympic Committee and Omega, its official timekeeper, on Saturday released a series of digital photos that documented last week's 100-meter butterfly finish at the Water Cube.

Take a look (a larger image is available by clicking on "read more") and make up your own mind whether U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps beat out Serbia's Milorad Cavic on Aug. 16 for the gold medal.

Omega timer Silvio Chianese on Saturday maintained that the touchpad and photos both have Phelps touching out Cavic.

“In the third set of images, with Phelps on the left, it is clear he is really pushing hard, while Cavic, on the right, is just arriving,” Chianese told the Associated Press.

Last week’s victory gave Phelps his seventh gold medal of the Games, tying him with Mark Spitz for most golds in a single Olympics. A day later, Phelps won his eighth gold as a member of the United States’ 400 medley relay squad.

Phelps was clocked at 50.58 seconds. Cavic finished at 50.59.

-- Greg Johnson

Photo: This series of photos was taken by Omega, the official Olympics timer. It shows U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps and Serbia's Milorad Cavic finishing their 100-meter butterfly race at the Beijing Olympics on Aug. 16. Phelps beat Cavic by a hundredth of a second. The photos were shot by reverse-angle cameras suspended above the pool. Phelps swims in the second lane from the left in the column of images on the left. Cavic swims in the second lane from the right in the photos on the right-hand side. Credit: Omega


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Comments (7)

Sorry, but these sets of photos prove nothing. Phelps and Cavic are not shown in the same image, so how is this evidence of who finished first? Am I missing something here?

I don’t believe there was a conspiracy to help Phelps win, but these photos from Omega are only going to fuel the conspiracy theories.

I wish I knew what would happen if Cavic's sponsor was Omega too... And why those photos THAT late, at the closing date of the Olympics?

does it make at a difference at this time, I belive the gold medal is hanging around Michael Phelps Kneck!!! Wha! Wha!

Well, I know that people will be hard pressed to believe those images, because Cavic and Phelps are not in the same frame and they were released by Omega. But I'm almost completely sure that the "slow-motion" video that was taken beneath the water was from an outside source [not Omega]. If you look at any of the replays for that race, they will definitely use footage of that video. And this isn't some latent conspiracy, in no way are these photos breaking news. I'm just saying, it was a great race and both swimmers pulled out medal winning swims, but in the end it comes down to who touched the wall first and if you can find the video in which I speak of- you'll see, just barely, it was Phelps. Cavic's team called for a protest, but who wouldn't with .01 time difference-- oh, yeah, Dara Torres's team. Dara Torres lost the 50 meter freestyle by .01, and is an American swimmer, but they accepted her loss of the Gold Medal and moved on with their lives. I'm almost sure those two races are not the only close calls, and they won't be the last. A lot of people want to believe that people are incapable of doing the impossible, and want to tear down that idea as much as they can. Phelps did the impossible, he's not just an idol for swimmers, or Americans, or Olympians, but I think for the whole world to see that the impossible is possible- as cheesey as that sounds.

my gosh..in these photos it seams that Cavic actually won...hmmm... I agree with the first poster...those corporate sponsor together with FINA made the simple story complicated. As Cavic said i believe that clock does not lye and that the hand is quicker than eye... from the photos its difficult to judge but no matter how unreliable photos may be they should have release them straight after the race. They made no favor to anyone by hiding them

Now people are saying that Cavic touched first, but just didn't apply enough pressure to register first. C'mon, a 200 lb. guy coming into the wall after swimming 100M in 50 seconds is not applying enough pressure to a 4mm touchpad? It's not like he's standing still and grazing the wall with his fingertips. Simple physics can tell you that the momentum of the swimmer should be sufficient enough to stop the clock. This was no delayed reaction stopclock. Phelps gained the edge with the momentum of his final stroke, while Cavic lost his with his long glide. If Phelps was the first to apply the sufficient amount of pressure to stop the clock, then obviously he touched first.
.01 races happen all the time -- from age group swim meets to international competitions like the Olympics. I've seen swimmers in high school swim meets (using similar touchpad systems) who, to the naked eye, seem to out-touch their competitiors only to have the timing system say they've lost by .01 of a second. Do we file a protest? Do we claim grand conspiracy theories? No! We know the timing systems are as accurate as you can get. We let it go and move on.

Don't deminish a champion! There were lots of races and no protests that I've heard with the touch pads outside of this heat. The man deserves respect and applause for his complishments without any dark shadow. Congratulations to Michael, may you accomplish even bigger goals.....and to his mother for raising a fine man! :-)


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