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Faces of Beijing photo essay

young girl in Beijing dressed up during one of the many celebrations for the opening ceremonies at the Olympic games

Canadian photographer Kris Krug is in Beijing for the Olympic Games. He was kind enough to allow us to display some of his  photos from the last few days.

Unlike many of the images that you will see online or in print, Krug’s photos capture the loveliness of the spectators and citizens of Beijing.

But he doesn't do a bad job documenting the participants of the Games, either.

After the jump, many more photos from the lens of Kris Krug.




-- Tony Pierce

all photos by Kris Krug, used with permission

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Comments (6)

Great photos.

Keep em coming I can't get enough!

It all looks fun.

Great work over there Kris! I'm totally envious of you right now man! The photos you're grabbing are nothing less than what I've come to expect from you. Keep it up dude!

Phenomenal photos, Kris! And I'm loving your updates on Twitter (username @kk).

Congratulations on bringing the Beijing Olympic experience home in such unforgettable ways. You're amazing!

Yup Krug, your skillz of relaxing the subject to be themselves remains the mightiest tool in your arsenal.

Awesome post. I have no word for it.


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