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Doping control is bleeding Asafa Powell dry

Powell_300 BEIJING -- Jamaica’s Asafa Powell, former world record-holder in the 100 meters, thinks the doping control folks are going overboard.

"About two days ago, I got pretty upset, because since I've been here, they have tested me four times, and took blood, a lot of blood," Powell told a Tuesday news conference at which Nike unveiled the "Zoom Aerofly" spikes he will wear in the Olympics.

"I'm saying that they are taking so much blood that we are going to be very weak for the finals of the 100 meters.

"I'm almost sure I'm going to be tested tomorrow. I don't know about anybody else, but they are really down on my case and teammate, Michael Frater, and Usain [Bolt, the current world record-holder].

"I accept how important it is. They say that they're doing over 4,000 tests. But, it's just difficult. But hopefully they can catch all those on it and make the Olympics very clean."

Jamaica’s sprinters likely are being targeted for extra testing after reports that suggest there has been little random, out-of-competition testing on the island.

-- Phil Hersh

Photo: Asafa Powell competes in a 100-meter race on July 29 in Monaco in preparation for the Olympics. Credit: Lionel Cironneau / Associated Press

(An earlier version of this blog displayed a photo of Usain Bolt, a rival sprinter, by Mark Ralston / Agence France-Presse.)

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Comments (8)

Well, yeah, there's been little need for dope testing of our Jamaican athletes locally because we've never had any need for performance enhancing drugs. duh! haha

Testing is good so we can have clean athletes but how can you test one person 4 times in days and want to do it again why they dont try this with the big boys such as the usa and great britian Jamaica is a small country thats why they are on their case ASAPA will prove them wrong

My heart goes outvto Asafa and his team mates.I just hope they do well despite this set back. They are just trying to keep us down. My only hope is that the Jamaican team rises like the poenix from the ashes of this unfait tactic to get us out of the game. Love you guys keep the faith.

fan 4 eva

They need to test the Americans that seem to always get away with it until years later when they confess.I just think every one should get the same amount of testing,and i think they are targeting the Jamaicans.


So they test naturally fast blacks as opposed to michael phelps who keeps winning gold after gold? How absurd.

I agree with most of the people posting comments. I am an American athlete myself and I feel like Michael Phelps is definitely taking something. He gets tested of course but it gets overlooked because of the political gain in him being a huge favorite in the competition much like Marion Jones. As a true Athlete your body can only endure so much naturally hence why there are performance enhancing drugs. Let's be honest with ourselves if you have ever been an athlete you should understand that everything gets political when you are dealing with sports on a national level. This is a sad situation because other athletes become targets of testing because they are less likely to win over a heavily recognized and admired athlete, these athletes are chosen before the Olympics to be the winner they are puppets. In college I was a great natural athlete, and I was never randomly selected to drug test. The reason i was not selected was because I was ranked #1 in the conference so tell me why athletes who never even get a chance to perform are being targeted to be tested. This starts early people.

Hey blah blah, Phelps keeps getting tested too, he's just not complaining about it which means it doesn't get told Hell, they've shown his schedule on TV before, and it included a doping test.

blah blah blah blah they just testing jamaicans alot because they cant understand how a small island like that bring forth so fast runners, they test them over n over can cant find anything so why bother testing them again? ther's now people in Jamaica testing everyting to see why the jamaicans runners are so fast, their testing the air,water,food, everything and its just stupid! They should just take a deep beanth and admit that they will never get other runners to proform like the jamaicans unless theey we're born in jamaica, train in jamaica, live in jamaica.....life goes on =)


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