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Dara Torres anchors U.S. silver swim effort

Dara Torres Anchors U.S. Silver Swim Effort BEIJING--I guess Dara Torres, whose first Olympics was in 1984 in Los Angeles, wasn't content merely to earn a berth on the U.S. swimming team.

She anchored the U.S. 400-meter freestyle relay team to second place behind the Netherlands on Sunday, becoming at 41 the oldest Olympic swimming medalist in history. She is 15 years older than the second-oldest member of the team, Natalie Coughlin, and about 18 years older than the other two, Lacey Nymeyer and Kara Lynn Joyce.

And Torres is more than a quarter of a century older than Cate Campbell, who led off for Australia.

"It's just bizarre,'' Torres said. "I think I might be older than her parents.''

But Torres didn't think it was bizarre that she performed so well in holding off third-place Australia and China for the silver medal. The Netherlands won in an Olympic record time of 3:33.76. The United States set a national record at 3:34.33.

"The water doesn't know what age you are,'' she said.

--Randy Harvey

Photo: Dara Torres after the 400-meter freestyle relay. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Comments (5)

Way to go Dara! How inspiring for all of us over-forty folks.

WOOOHOOOO! Good for her. I had to look all over this morning to find whether she made it. But you know what? Just being 40-ish and being in the Olympics is enough. We need to change that mindset of what 40 is for women in this day and - er - age.

Why isn't this headline news? Why am I only seeing Phelps everywhere? Is the only thing really important about this story is that she is 41 years old? I think the time difference between the US and Netherlands is fascinating ... point five something seconds? Or is that like an hour at this level of swimming?

Awesome Job!!!!!!!!!!! Performance enhancing my foot, this is probably the first time she has swam with the new "Suit" plus I doubt she would be willing to subject herself to the negative publicity fur us 40+ crowd she is a hero


Dara does a great job as an ambassador for the sport. She will wear the suit although right now she is taking a hiatus to promote her book. Of course, that means she is only working out, swimming and stretching three times a day!

I have written more about her training and stretching methods in my blog (linked to my name above) if anyone is interested.

I am looking forward to seeing how many other swimmers decide to try and take the same route?! Can there be only one? Is there still a chance for a 36 year old swimming hasbeen like myself?

dont you think that she should make a tape for swimmers that wont to be in the same mind set as her that would be so cool like a fungshway thingy


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