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James Blake loses dramatic match

Blake_300 BEIJING -- American James Blake blinked first here Friday night, and Fernando Gonzalez won the Olympic tennis semifinal and is on his way to Sunday's men's singles final.

In a match as compelling as you'll see, one that ended after 2 hours 52 minutes, Gonzalez hit a big serve and Blake slapped his forehand return into the net. Finally, it was over.  Gonzalez had won, 4-6, 7-5, 11-9.

They do not play tiebreakers in deciding sets in the Olympics.

Blake had saved four match points in the game. He also had three match points of his own and three break points in one game earlier in the set.

But in the end, the relentless, rocket-like forehand of the Chilean prevailed, and Blake's only consolation prize will be a chance to play for a bronze medal.

That match will come against the loser of the match between the soon-to-be world's No. 1, Rafael Nadal, and the world's No. 3, Novak Djokovic, later Friday night.

Following the loss, Blake was upset over a call that went against him at 9-8 in the third set. He said that a shot he hit in an attempt to pass Gonzalez had clipped the Chilean's body before going out, which would have given Blake the point. Instead the umpire ruled that the ball missed Gonzalez's racket. Here's a transcript of Blake's interview.

Gonzalez, of course, had a different take on the situation in his interview after the match.

-- Bill Dwyre

Photo: American James Blake was fired up during and after his three-set loss to Fernando Gonzalez in the men's singles semifinals Friday in Beijing. Credit: Nick Laham / Getty Images

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Comments (8)

Yeah, but Gonzalez cheated. What honor is it when you cheat to win. Real Olympian! Someone should point out to him what a true olympian is!

True Olymipian - like the the Chinese who have blatantly lied about the age of their gymnists? Of course these girls may be too young to understand what they did was wrong. What age do children understand right from wrong? This is an embarrassment to the true Chinese olympians.

Gonzalez didn't cheat. This is what he had to say about it:
"I didn't notice it. We were both really tired and I didn't feel the ball clip my racket. I almost don't even remember... I said I was sorry, but he didn't accept my apology. That's his problem, it was just one point in the whole match. I don't think it's that important"

The slow-motion video shows Gonzalez start to turn his head toward the ball as it clips his racquet. He wouldn't look the umpire or James Blake in the eye during the discussion about the incident during the match. Gonzalez is a cad, a liar and the antithesis of the Olympic Spirit. We are in the process of cancelling our planned 2009 trip to Chile. We did not go to Beijing because of China's dismal human rights record either.

Let's tourn it around, It would have been fun to ask Blake if he had admited that the ball had hit his racket and had give Gonzalez the point... yeah sure... a chance only in four years.....

Blake is acting like your typical sore loser. And so are the people who justify his whining. If Gonzalez says he did not feel the ball supposedly nicking his racket, why is it assumed that he is lying? Because he is not American? Or because he is Spanish speaking? Blake lost not because of this lost point but because he was too weak mentally to get over what he considered a bad call. Blake also lost because he could not capitalize on his three match points. Get over it.

We do not know if Blake would have won or lost the match had he been CORRECTLY given the point.

With that being said, it is about honesty and integrity, obviously something that Gonzalez and many of the people on this board know NOTHING about!

Gonzalez won blake ! That is fair enough. I dont like losers who always find excuses in somebody elseĀ“s actions....


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