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Bill Plaschke vs. China in Pingpong: the video

August 14, 2008 | 10:51 am

Pingpong, table tennis: No matter what  you call it or how you spell it, in China it's far more than a game played in a basement. In fact, in a place like Beijing it's a sport that people take as seriously as some Americans approach  playground basketball.

Bill Plaschke not only cut the amusing video above, but he wrote a companion column which starts thusly:

The net is a combination of metal and Scotch tape. The playing surface is stone and scratched.

The surroundings are a city park, the players are lean and sweating, and everyone stands in a circle waiting to see who's got next.

Welcome to Chinese playground pingpong.

And, um, I've got next.

Plaschke vs. the Chinese in table tennis. Who ya got?

-- Tony Pierce