Walmart worker stabbed after confronting suspected shoplifter

It has not been the merriest Christmas season at the Walmart in Cartersville, Ga.

First, there was the bizarre issue of syringes being found inside clothing for sale. Now it's a suspected shoplifter allegedly stabbing an employee.

On Saturday, a Walmart employee named Johnny Wayne Thacker, 43, told the local sheriff's department that a shopper stabbed him in the parking lot after Thacker and another worker attempted to confront the shopper over an alleged theft, according to Atlanta station WXIA-TV.

An off-duty police officer saw Katrena Elaine Evans, 32, running away and arrested her as she was getting into her car, authorities said.

Police charged Evans with aggravated assault, obstruction and giving false information to an officer.

Cartersville is a pretty town in the Georgia foothills, about an hour north of Atlanta. In November, WXIA-TV reported that at least two people had been jabbed by hypodermic needles hidden in clothing. One woman went to the hospital to be tested for AIDS and hepatitis after being stuck by a needle hidden in a package of brassieres.

Almost makes you want to stay home and order from Amazon.


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-- Richard Fausset in Atlanta

Photo: The Peanuts gang, reveling in the spirit of the season, in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Credit: United Features Syndicate

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