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Graphic testimony from Penn State’s McQueary: ‘I didn’t want to see’

December 16, 2011 |  9:56 am

Penn State Assistant Coach Mike McQueary, testifying in court for the first time, said he walked into a Penn State locker room in March 2002 and was shocked to find Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a young boy.

McQueary's graphic testimony Friday was given during a hearing to determine whether there was enough evidence to support charges against two school administrators who supposedly knew of the abuse but did little to stop it.

McQueary said he went to the locker room to pick up some recruiting tapes when he heard sounds coming from the shower, according to dispatches from the Morning Call, which is staffing the proceedings in the Pennsylvania courtroom.

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McQueary said he was embarrassed because he instinctively knew something sexual was taking place. When he glanced into a nearby mirror, he saw Sandusky in the shower, standing behind the boy with his arms wrapped around the boy's waist. McQueary said he quickly looked away.

“I stepped back. I didn’t want to see anymore, to be frank with you,” he testified.

But he also realized he needed to look again to make sure he wasn't mistaken about something so serious. He saw that it was indeed Sandusky and a young boy, and McQueary said he assumed that anal intercourse was taking place.

Pressed for detail, McQueary said: “I did not see insertion nor was there any protest, screaming or yelling,” according to Reuters. "But that's truly what I believe. Jerry was behind him in a very close position with hands wrapped around his midsection."

Stunned, he walked back to his locker. A few moments later he saw Sandusky and the boy, and made eye contact with them. "I know they saw me. Both of them looked directly in my eye," said McQueary. "Neither said a thing."

McQueary said he was “shocked, horrified, not thinking straight. I was distraught.” He called his father, who told him to contact Paterno. He did so the following day. Asked if he used the phrase “anal intercourse” when he described what he saw to Paterno, McQueary testified he did not: “No, out of respect, I would not have done it.”

McQueary said Paterno appeared “shocked and saddened” and “slumped back in his chair,” McQueary said. He added that Paterno told him, “I'm sorry you had to see that” and that he had “done the absolute right thing,” McQueary said.

Testimony continues in the courtroom.

On Tuesday, former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky abruptly waived his right to his own preliminary hearing, setting the stage for his trial on 50 counts of child sexual abuse stemming from claims by 10 boys.


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Photo: Mike McQueary arrives for court Friday. Associated Press