Time-off ploy that doesn't work: memorial ad for mom who's alive

He could have said he had a toothache.

But, no.

Scott Bennett, 45, put a memorial notice in The Jeffersonian Democrat, the local paper in Brookville, Pa., saying his mother had died, according to the Associated Press.

Bennett wrote up the notice because he wanted time off from work and did not want to get fired for taking it, Brookville police chief Ken Dworek told the AP.

The Jeffersonian Democrat in northwestern Pennsylvania was unable to confirm the funeral arrangements but still published the notice. Friends and relatives of Bennett's mom then called to say she was very much alive, and Ma Bennett herself walked into the newspaper's offices.

The editor of the paper told another local paper that the mother wasn't too upset about the incident, according to the AP.

But the police charged her son with disorderly conduct. It's unclear what Bennett's mother may have charged him with.


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-- Geraldine Baum in New York

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