Elderly man pays back money stolen 60 years ago from Sears

A customer service desk at a big retail store during the holiday shopping season can be an ugly place to be. Not so at a Seattle Sears store, where an elderly man walked up recently with an envelope addressed to "Sears Manager."

Inside was a $100 bill — payback, the man said, for $20 or $30 he stole from the store during the 1940s.

"I think that his conscience probably has been bothering him for the last 60 years," store manager Gary Lorentson told Seattle's King-5 television, which also had interviews with surprised fellow customers.

"During the late forty I stole some money from the cash register in the amount of $20-$30," the note said. "I want to pay you back this money in the amount of $100 to put into your theft account."

Lorentson said the money is going into the store's seasonal charity fund to be given to a local grandmother and her grandchildren.

As for the identity of the man, that remains unknown. His image was caught on security cameras, but the store has elected not to release it.


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 — Kim Murphy in Seattle

Photo: The note left by an elderly man at a Seattle Sears store. Credit: King5.com


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