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Salt Lake City theater fined for showing 'Hangover Part II'

September 30, 2011 | 12:05 pm

Hangover part II 
Oh, Utah.

First, you banned the Chubby (a whimsical name for a mini-keg of beer.)

And now you’ve taken aim at “The Hangover Part II.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that state liquor-control commissioners on Thursday fined a Salt Lake City theater $1,627 for showing the popular raunch-fest.

Yes, the movie -- which L.A. Times critic Betsy Sharkey dismissed as a “headache-inducing, unapologetic money grab” that gave her “morning-after regrets” -- has screened elsewhere in Utah.  But those theaters don’t serve alcohol; therefore, Utah’s liquor laws don’t apply to them.

Brewvies Cinema Pub apparently violated statutes that ban bars and clubs from showing various types of nudity and sex acts. Among the “Hangover” scenes that flouted the laws, according to the Tribune: “a monkey chewing on a plastic water bottle strategically placed beneath a monk’s robes.”

Brewvies’ fine was larger than one recently levied against a restaurant that served alcohol to a minor, the paper said.

These days, the theater is showing “Cowboys & Aliens,” a sci-fi western in which both sides presumably keep their clothes on and their water bottles uncorrupted.


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