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Pop & Hiss premiere: 'Thrust,' from Alpha Pup's recent signing, Virtual Boy

Photo2Observe the crowd at the Low End Theory these days and you'll immediately notice that a substantial percentage is 21 and under. The demographics speak volumes about the weekly beat night's vibrancy and emergence as a nerve center for a tangible and young bass community.

More than a locus for heavy low end bass, the beat mecca has birthed a generation of talents barely out of their teenage years, who are already creating waves nationally. From Shlohmo to Baths, to the Non-Projects crew profiled last week in Brand X, a generation weaned on Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, the Glitch Mob and Daedelus are rearranging the ideas of their predecessors to their own warped rhythms. Even stranger is the velocity with which it has occurred, considering that Low End Theory has been around for only four years.

But that's been plenty of gestation time for Virtual Boy, the latest Alpha Pup act to emerge from the packed dance floors and earthquake bass of the Airliner. A pair of Chapman University students who channel Stanley Kubrick scores, Bach and Mozart as readily as their more propinquitous inspirations, Nosaj Thing and the Glitch Mob, Henry Allen and Preston Walker craft a sort of extraterrestrial church music for androids or Andrew Lloyd Webber rendered weird and funky enough for underground ears.

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