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Post Present Medium turns 10 at the Smell this weekend

No Age

In terms of sheer numbers, Dean Spunt’s most fertile creative outlet might not be his day job fronting No Age, or his Rodarte film scores, or his ambient soundtrack work for experimental nature documentaries. It’s his Post Present Medium record label, which celebrates a kind-of-astonishing 10-year anniversary over three nights at the Smell this weekend.

A lot has changed in the larger music industry since PPM’s debut in 2000. Namely, the industry as we knew it has been destroyed.  But in sticking to a pretty basic formula -– ambitious, punkish bands releasing limited runs focused on vinyl -– what seemed like an '80s hardcore or '90s indie throwback philosophy has developed into something positively futuristic.

“It’s starting to settle, and we’re figuring out where we fit in. When we started, it was before Myspace even, and bands didn’t really have webpages yet. Around 2007, everyone was saying, ‘Everything’s dead,' ” Spunt said. “But people want to buy vinyl, and we’re still selling records, our artists are touring, and people still want to feel that thing they felt with Kill Rock Stars or Dischord, like they’re a part of label identity.”

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