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Quit law school, join a band: The return of the Jealous Sound

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Blair Shehan of the Jealous Sound had just screwed up a portion of his LSAT sat exam when he realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life. Not on the test, mind you. But the fact that he was sitting in an exam room in Orlando, Florida in his mid-thirties trying to become a lawyer at all.

“I went and told the proctor I couldn’t finish," he said. “After that I went and bought a guitar from a guy in Jacksonville and started to drive back to L.A.”

It was the start of correcting what had been a nearly decade-long diversion for Shehan, whose band the Jealous Sound has occupied an important niche in the L.A. rock scene -- an emo-informed quartet that the city’s cool kids got behind. Its new album title, “A Gentle Reminder,” is sly and a bit self-effacing: fans could be forgiven for forgetting about them during that nine-year gap between albums. This new batch of songs, some of which they'll play at The Satellite on Tuesday, isn’t gentle at all.  

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