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Arthur Russell movie makes it back to L.A.

Dvdcover500 For those who missed last year's OutFest screening of "Wild Combination," the tender and revelatory documentary on the experimental singer-songwriter Arthur Russell (and one of our favorite pop moments of last year), you'll get another crack at seeing it early next week. Amoeba Records will host a free outdoor screening at Space 15 Twenty (it's just up the block on Cahuenga Boulevard) on Monday at 8 p.m. Director Matt Wolf will be fielding questions; afterward, you should promptly get thee to Amoeba and pick up the recently released DVD of the film or some of Russell's albums. Newcomers should try last year's compilation of his rare acoustic-guitar work, "Love Is Overtaking Me," which reins in Russell's avant-garde disco and ambient impulses to showcase his haunting, uncanny baritone in a new light.   

-- August Brown

M83 gets the L.A. Phil treatment

If you've ever imagined how that wicked drum intro to M83's "Don't Save Us From the Flames" would sound on a timpani, save March 7 as date night with your favorite Molly Ringwald doppelgänger. The woozy French electronica band is ganging up with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Disney Hall for a dual-headlining set that will feature M83's first live performances with an orchestra. 

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Knitting Factory is just giving it away to anyone these days

The Locust at the Knitting Factory

Hey there, you perpetually broke L.A. ska, hardcore and backpack rap kids! If you get thee to the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on Monday at 6 p.m., you can get an early taste of what the Obama administration has for the rest of America: free stuff just for showing up! The plucky club is offering gratis pairs of tickets to a whole slurry of its forthcoming shows, and more than a few are worth a Red Line trip: the Adolescents, P.O.S., Tim Barry of Avail and a Mike Park/Kevin Seconds/Jesse Michaels triple bill among them (where you can plead with Michaels to think about an Operation Ivy reunion).

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'Snow in Los Angeles' is a weather phenomenon and a new all-ages indie fest

...And suddenly I feel past my prime at 25

Recent meteorological events may have sucked the irony out of the name "Snow in Los Angeles," an all-ages music festival debuting Sunday. But we can't imagine a better way to pre-game for the holidays than catching the Mae Shi, Daedelus, Rumspringa and Busdriver with a pack of super-rad teenagers like the four kids in the Tape, the aspiring concert promotion collective that curated the festival and whose music blog is already better than yours. Imagine if the F Yeah Fest's Sean Carlson had a bunch of 14- to 16-year-old interns who commandeered the Echoplex for the gnarliest living room show ever, and you get the idea.

"We actually try and hide our ages to be taken more seriously," said MacKlin Casnoff, one of the Tape's founders, all of whom met at NoHo's Oakwood School. "I figure [being young] is a good thing, it gives us exposure, but sometimes we'll show up at shows and ask for our press passes and they'll look at us like 'Are you serious?' "

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Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy open art show at Gallery 1988

Wentzmccoy450 The ideas that Merlot and Sprite can give a man.

That was Travis McCoy's drink of choice when he crashed at Pete Wentz's house over the summer for a couple of weeks. In no time, he got Wentz hooked. "It sounds like it would be the worst thing," Wentz said, "but the combo is surprisingly good." And a creative catalyst to boot: During the course of those two weeks, the kohl-eyed bassist of Fall Out Boy and the frontman of the Gym Class Heroes collaborated on several pieces of graffiti-inspired, '80s-nostalgic art that they'll be showing at Gallery 1988: Los Angeles, opening Tuesday, with proceeds benefiting Invisible Children. Prints will cost around $200 to $250, with original pieces running approximately $300 to $3,000.

The bands have worked together before -- most notably, FOB singer-shredder Patrick Stump produced part of the Heroes' "The Quilt" -- but they traded one studio for another this time. The pair worked each night on canvas, paper and cardboard coated with acrylics, spray paint and adhesives, sometimes roughened with sandpaper, sometimes adorned with scrawls. Experiments happened, with mixed results. "I thought it would be cool to set rubber cement on fire," Wentz remembers. "But I almost lit up the entire rug instead." They weren't thinking about an art show or much of anything at all. "It's a conversation with Travis, a record of a time that won't exist again," Wentz said. "It was exciting to work with no end-goal."

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The Pop & Hiss field guide to the 2008 radio festival season

Katy Perry, commuting

The radio station-sponsored music festival is typically a pretty gruesome beast, where joyless artists rip through that season's chart chattel to make nice for a few extra spins, and the teenage fans simply have their drive-time soundtracks played back to them. For better or worse, the giant L.A. radio market allows mass-market stations to land the better part of their play lists at their annual hootenannies every winter.

It looks like I'll be trekking down to Anaheim to review the KIIS 102.7 blowout on Saturday, so for any devoted terrestrial radio fans out there who want to cram a year's worth of concert-going in one swoop, here is your Pop & Hiss field guide to this year's crop of Southern California radio station round-table shows. True to the shows' intended audience, we'll be grading them on the scale of "Is It Worth Missing a Repeat Screening of 'Twilight'? " to give you, the consumer, all the information you need.

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TRV$DJAM reunite for New Year's Eve in L.A.


After surviving that ghastly Learjet crash, Travis Barker and DJ AM are set to reunite their drum-and DJ project TRV$DJAM this New Year's Eve in L.A. Their set at the Lot, the duo's first since the September crash that killed two of the plane's crew plus Barker's bodyguard and personal assistant, will be simulcast to parties in 10 U.S. cities. Barker is still going through with his lawsuit of Bombardier Inc. and Goodyear Tire and Rubber, alleging that both the plane and the tires involved in the crash were defective, but for now we're quite glad to see that the duo's injuries don't seem to be hindering their ability to write and play new music and/or goofy YouTube rap drumming videos.

-- August Brown

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Second day of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas announced


For a certain kind of radiohead, the kind who might turn the dial to Indie 103.1 more often than not, the second night of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas is where it's at. Dec. 14 at the Gibson Amphitheatre will be a regular ol' family hullabaloo with lots of bands that have played the show before: the Cure, the Killers, Death Cab for Cutie (returning from 2005), Paramore (who played last year), Franz Ferdinand (from the natty days of 2004), Scott Weiland (an alumnus from Stone Temple Pilot's stint in 1994), Snow Patrol and Vampire Weekend. At least one of these bands needs to be lovably dysfunctional onstage. That way Pop & Hiss will think it's just like the holidays at our house, where the 'nog flows freely and Mom always crashes into the Christmas tree. Wait, no, that's John Waters' house.

-- Margaret Wappler

Photo by Kevin Estrada

Jimmy Eat World reprises 'Clarity' live. Why is this record so un-killable?

The unexpectedly canonical status of Jimmy Eat World's 1999 album "Clarity" among turn-of-the-millennium emo kids must be a total mind-melt for the band. Their crunchy 1996 breakthrough album "Static Prevails" had a few neat singles, and I remember swooning pretty hard for the ambitious follow-up around my junior year of high school (not coincidentally, around the same time I started lobbying in vain for permission to get a lip ring).

But the fact that the band's fans still have enough goodwill toward that album to warrant a 10-date tour playing "Clarity" from front to back (including a Club Nokia stop on March 6) is astonishing for a 10-year-old record that had no real radio hits and prompted Capitol to dump the band. That move inadvertently set up the band's unlikely comeback that nearly single-handily made "emo" shorthand for "guitar-based music that doesn't sound like Hinder that gets radio play."

So why has "Clarity" stuck around this long?

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YouTube will throw its first live event with Katy Perry, MC Hammer and


First, it was MySpace. Now, YouTube is getting in on concert sponsorship. The online video site has announced that it'll throw its first "official live community celebration" (translation: a live performance) at Herbst Pavillion at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco on Nov. 22. The line-up is culled from YouTube sensations from ye olde pioneer days of the website through '08, and includes Katy Perry, Fred (as in Fred Figglehorn, though we still don't really know who that is), Joe Satriani, Akon,, Bo Burnham, MC Hammer, the Spinto Band and Katers17. What, no Evolution of Dance guy?

You might have gotten cognitive whiplash from reading that list. It's all over the map, which is certainly in keeping with YouTube's style, but is that a good thing for a live show? The same random, skittering madness that holds together websites such as YouTube, where you can skip from Obama footage to Florida taser guy to a "South Park" clip, may not bode well for a cohesive live show. Though we'll keep an open mind -- there is a chance that some brilliant mash-ups could occur. The Spinto Band has a sense of humor; surely, they won't waste this opportunity to don some Hammer pants of their own and do a little collabo with the MC.

So, when do all the other online communities, Facebook, Bebo, et al, start throwing their own concerts? YouTube plans to live-stream this show but somehow, I don't think that would work so well for Twitter. Set up instruments (9:58 p.m.). Play awesome show (10:45 p.m.) Hang out in green room, drinking beer (12:02 a.m.).

-- Margaret Wappler

Photo: Katy Perry onstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards from Getty Images. She probably won't have this chapstick cannon at YouTube's show but you never know...


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