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Video mash-up maker Andy Rehfeldt is quite the YouTube cutup

Andy Rehfeldt

It's likely that cherub-faced opera phenom Charlotte Church would have never opened her mouth to sing “Silent Night” on a British talk show had she known that video mash-up master Andy Rehfeldt might one day set his sights on the clip.

In his version, when the demure singer opens her mouth to sing the holiday classic, she sounds more like the spawn of Satan than a voice from the heavens. Thanks to Rehfeldt's over-dub magic, throat shredding vocals now replace her ethereal solo performance while blistering, metal guitar takes the place of the original, refined orchestration.

The overall effect is hysterical, unless of course you're Church, then it's likely horrifying.

“Usually the editing is the painstaking part. You have to line everything up just right. It can take hours,” said Rehfeldt, 48, a classically trained musician who earns a living as a session player. “But it always seems worth it when it's done and we're in the studio laughing our heads off.”

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Nguzunguzu remixes Rainbow Arabia, and the duo hopes you like drums

WithoutYouArtwork The L.A. production duo and walking typo-bait Nguzunguzu has been cranking out a string of increasingly ambitious remixes and mixtapes of late. A typical track makes a mangle of tribal drums and bleary synths and stretches it out into a crescendo that flails at the ledge of danceable but doesn't fall over.

And lo, does the newly Kompakt-approved local duo Rainbow Arabia get the treament here. Nguzunguzu, which has served as M.I.A.'s tour DJs, takes the drum-patter heart of "Without You" and splays it out with house-inspired vocal echoes, more drums, a madcap marimba, more drums, pitch-shifted vocals and, yep, even more drums. You know some scientists want to combat global warming with artificial robot trees? This sounds like a jungle of them.


-- August Brown 

Party remix for a Friday: Señor Coconut reworks Tom Tom Club's 'Genius of Love'

Bongos Here's a party anthem for the weekend, offered by Pop & Hiss for no other reason other than it stands a good chance of seeping into your subconscious and throwing a little internal dance party while you cruise the streets of Los Angeles.

The remixer: Señor Coconut, born Uwe Schmidt, also records under the pseudonyms Atom Heart, Geeez 'n' Gosh, Lisa Carbon and about three dozen others. As Coconut, Schmidt virtually invented the subgenre "electrolatino" with his classic reworking of both Yellow Magic Orchestra's and Kraftwerk's oeuvres. Below, Senor Coconut tackles label mate Tom Tom Club's dance-floor classic, "Genius of Love." Tom Tom Club, of course, is the funky rhythmic half of Talking Heads -- Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth -- and has been concocting dance-floor shakedowns for more than three decades now.

Chances are you'll enjoy the results all weekend long. Listening note: Pay particular attention to how they chant the name "Bohannan" over and over. It's a beautiful moment.

-- Randall Roberts

Tom Tom Club- Genius Of Love (Senor Coconut Remix) by Nacional Records

Photo: Uwe Schmidt. Credit: Nacional Records


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