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Pitchfork turns 15: Here are a few baby pictures


First off, a hearty and serious congratulations to everyone's favorite viper pit of indie rock snark/adulation, Pitchfork, which begins a long and deserved retrospective on the occasion of its 15th birthday. For any independent Web publication -- let alone a music review site set amid the intertwined economic death spiral of the music industry, journalism and criticism -- to last 15 years is a laudable feat. And it's managed to pivot from that into a major curator of video content and international music festivals while maintaining a critical imprimatur that can change a band's life overnight.

But, in the spirit of a good birthday ribbing for our competition, Pop & Hiss dug around the shoe boxes in the back of the site's closet and came back with a few review equivalents of baby pictures from Pitchfork's awkward years. God knows all writers have a few bricks in their portfolios, so take these as milestones for how far the site has come in its writing, judgment and awareness of its power.

Tool: Lateralus 

Much of Pitchfork's early reputation came from the pen of the now-departed writer Brent DiCrescenzo, whose windy, blood-spattered meta-reviews barely addressed the music they ostensibly discussed, yet sometimes perfectly detonated a record in a way that a straight pan never could. Behold here a 1,700-word review of Tool's 2001 album "Lateralus" composed largely of a list of drummer Danny Carey's equipment.

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