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Le Butcherettes let it all out in Chicago

Le Butcherettes in Chicago at Lollapalooza

L.A.-based trio Le Butcherettes has had something of a coming out party in Chicago. Though Pop & Hiss was forced to piece together the act's Lollapalooza set via YouTube clips, the excitement and ferocity of the hard rock trio could still be felt through these trusty-ol' tinny desktop speakers at our downtown HQ. 

Teri "Gender Bender" Suaréz was in fine form, and even in the two-and-a-half-minute clip below, she's a force that demands attention. Her voice is a dexterous thing, as she knows how to shade a yell with hints of scorn, sarcasm, slyness or whatever the moment calls for. Her rhythm section does plenty of heavy lifting as well, opening up the floor to let Suaréz bounce, run and level all sorts of abuse on her guitar. Before all is said and done, she punctuates the set to a close with a monstrous howl and topples onto a photographer.

At the start of the below video, you'll notice Suaréz has a little fun with drummer Gabe Serbian. "Puke all the time," she sings as she looks his way. Serbian had reportedly vomited off the stage more than once during the set, and though this clip appears to be vomit-free, Serbian clearly didn't let an upset stomach slow him down.

Perhaps he was suffering exhaustion from the Chicago heat, or maybe he just had marriage jitters? After the Lollapalooza set, Serbian flew back to L.A. to celebrate his union with Dum Dum Girl bassist Bambi Davies. 

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So maybe Coachella's booking rules aren't so egregious after all


This blog post will begin after the following thank-you note:

Dear Chicago,

Pop & Hiss would like to thank you for again putting our West Coast life into perspective. The recent reporting on and the Chicago Tribune has reminded music fans here in L.A. that our annual Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival may indeed appear to be downright altruistic in comparison with your annual waterfront party, Lollapalooza. 


Pop & Hiss

And now for the blog post:

Political and business dealings always seem more in interesting in Chicago. In fact, interesting probably isn't the right word for the Windy City, which has blessed the world with a string of head-scratching characters and shady deals, ranging from William Hale Thompson's pro-booze and pro-gangster mayorship during Prohibition to the continued cartoonish buffoonery of the always "golden" Blago.

And now Chicago's rock media elites, Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, are reporting that Illinois Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan is conducting an antitrust investigation of Lollapalooza promoters for enforcing particularly strenuous radius clauses into their contracts. All major festivals, including our desert dance bonanza, Coachella, insist on radius clauses, which prevent an artist from performing in the market in the weeks and months leading up to the event. 

Yet do Lollapalooza's rules go too far? DeRogatis broke the story on the festival, which is co-owned by the William Morris Endeavor agency and Texas-based C3 Presents, and he wrote, "Sources have said that the most extreme of these clauses stretch from six months before Lollapalooza to three months after it, and that they encompass a 300-mile radius -- which would include concert markets as far away as Milwaukee, Madison, Iowa City, Detroit, and Indianapolis."

And here we in L.A. simply thought that Lolla's biggest offense was an $850 VIP "lounge pass."

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Lady Gaga releases new video, will go head-to-head with the Strokes at Lollapalooza

We all know who's going to win this one, even if the rockers don't want to admit it. Lollapalooza, the annual music festival held in Chicago's Grant Park, has announced the set times for its 2010 installment, and the two Friday night headliners, the Strokes and Lady Gaga, will be performing at the same time. The Strokes, who are returning after a three-year hiatus, will perform on the Budweiser stage; Lady Gaga will perform on the South stage.

You can find the entire schedule here.

Oh, and, yes, that is the brand new Gaga clip embedded above, for the song "Alejandro." Directed by fashion photographer Steve Klein, the clip reinforces the notion that no one understands the convergence of image and music right now better than Gaga.  

-- Randall Roberts

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