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Demi Lovato rocks harder than you


Disney's latest pop-rock princess Demi Lovato is on track for a top-5 debut on next week's chart with her "Here We Go Again," and one of the media's favorite fun-facts about the young star is that she's a closet metalhead.

On Thursday's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," she revealed a few of the bands that have received the Lovato stamp of approval. There was nothing as obvious as a Killswitch Engage or Mastadon on Lovato's wish list of bands for Fallon to book, as the 16 year-old illustrated that she's, perhaps, outgrown the Radio Disney playlist.

So parents, if your 11-year-old suddenly has a hankering for some death metal, the blame may not be on the 13-year-old boy who inherited his brother's Doc Martens up the street. Consider a brief look at who Lovato endorsed.

Maylene and the Sounds of Disaster

Should you be afraid if your tween starts listening? The shaggy hair and screaming Southern-inspired rock reeks of a booze-drenched Skynryd gone off the rails. But relax, they're good Christian boys -- supposedly.

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