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Chamillionaire not a geek, but he plays one on Twitter

Over the last decade, Hakeem Seriki  has lived up to one-half of his stage name.

After dominating the iTunes charts, winning a Grammy Award in 2007 and nurturing his music label on Universal Records, Chamillionaire certainly has money in the bank.

But the rapper is fulfilling his self-professed transformation. In chameleon-like fashion, he appears to be changing -- from feared underground-rap up-and-comer to a technology-consumed geek.

Like many celebrities, Chamillionaire has taken to Twitter. He uses the service to promote things such as his new single, "Good Morning," which shot up  iTunes when it was released Tuesday.

He spends a great deal of time on Twitter, conversing directly with fans and sending dozens of tweets some days. That time commitment is one of the reasons Miley Cyrus says she ditched Twitter.

Perhaps surprisingly, the platinum-selling rapper is a regular at technology conferences. He showed up at Digital Hollywood last year and sat on the panel of judges at TechCrunch50 last month. Pop & Hiss met up with Chamillionaire a few weeks ago at 140: The Twitter Conference in Los Angeles, where the rapper participated in panels the first day and, unlike most celebs, returned the second day to listen.

Looking around the room, Chamillionaire, with his backward cap, T-shirt and gold chain necklace, isn't hard to pick out from the sharply dressed twenty- and thirtysomethings. We predict the vast majority have Jack Johnson on their iPods.

Why is Chamillionaire here?

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