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Bassnectar links up with Alpha Pup, premieres 'Voodoo' [MP3]


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There may be no world more bifurcated than dance music. There are the artists you typically read about in the mainstream press, including the dubstep, post-dubstep and instrumental grime booming out of London on labels such as Hyperdub, Hessle, Hemlock, Butterz and Deep Medi.

This is the fiefdom of Mary Anne Hobbs and Rinse FM, the world intrinsically linked to its American cousins: the beat music emanating from Lincoln Heights' Low End Theory club night, and its sound-alikes typically clustered in San Francisco and New York.

Then there are the galaxies your eyes may never glimpse. The universe of the Do-Lab and the Electric Daisy Carnival -- a more populist constellation predominantly peopled by post-ravers and hippie kids. This is a lansdscape where the principle interaction with bass music comes on the dance floor. The soundtracks are constructed less for home headphone sessions than for sweaty convulsive all-night parties, with subwoofers so heavy that the bass slices like a Samurai sword through the stomach.

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