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CMA Awards: Glen Campbell gets a short, respectable tribute

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell, the legendary Arkansas-born singer and guitarist, who rose to prominence in Los Angeles in the 1960s and '70s and played on some of the most important recordings ever to come out of this city, announced in June that he's living with Alzheimer's disease. Campbell has been performing and just recently appeared in L.A.  and the CMA Awards, no doubt, had a challenge in honoring a man who has been paying his farewells to fans and the genre.

By and large, the CMAs delivered.

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Justin Bieber's Someday perfume draws faithful fans to New York City Macy's


The New York sky was heavy with summer rain clouds about to burst. But on the corner of 34th and Broadway, a different storm was about to hit: Bieber-fever.

A veritable tween mob scene formed Wednesday outside Macy's , where Justin Bieber's new fragrance, Someday, officially launched on Monday. More than 300 Bieber fans -- mostly teen girls in cutoff shorts, ponytails and braces -- eagerly lined up outside the store's south entrance. Bieber is scheduled to stop by Thursday afternoon to greet the first 350 fans to purchase his VIP gift set ($135), which includes a photo with the pop star.

Whereas earlier Wednesday morning the scene was a little more mellow -- fans huddled in small groups chanting lyrics to Bieber hits like "One Time" and high-fiving passersby -- the chaos grew to be more organized. As if at a football game, the front half of the line screamed in unison: "SOME!" The back half of the line followed: "DAY!"

"These are pretty extreme fans," said Macy's spokeswoman Robin Reibel. A lot of these girls camped out in tents last night."

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Silver Lake Chorus invokes its Muse

While not as pulverizingly adorbs as the scamps of PS22, the Silver Lake Chorus makes a worthy debut into the crowded field of chipper-looking people arranging pop songs for choirs with this Muse cover. Imagine if the cast of "Glee" took barista jobs at Intelligentsia and burst into song in between withering remarks on how the Gold Room has a 20-minute line on the weekends. The girl in front with carmine hair looks especially happy to be there!

-- August Brown

The Silver Lake Chorus plays El Cid tonight at 9 p.m. $10.

And here's a video of schoolchildren singing Phoenix's 'Lisztomania'

Because it's almost Friday and we're not made of stone, people. Go spend the rest of your afternoon on the YouTube page of the PS22 Chorus in Staten Island, N.Y., right now. (Hat tip: Ezra.)

-- August Brown


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