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Former Fleet Foxes drummer pens ode (sorta) to Hollywood Forever

February 1, 2012 |  2:23 pm

Former Fleet Foxes drummer pens ode (sorta) to Hollywood Forever
It was only a matter of time before Hollywood Forever Cemetery was immortalized in song. The 62-acre, 113-year-old graveyard over the last few years has become a rock 'n' roll destination, and not just a final one. Though it's the resting place for two members of the Ramones (Johnny and Dee Dee), Hollywood Forever has recently become one of the city's more unique, intimate venues. Thursday night, for instance, rootsy rocker M Ward will grace the cemetary's Masonic Lodge

Don't perhaps turn to former Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman for an idea of what a musical experience at the cemetery is like. His track “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” is full of steadily crashing rhythms and blank-stare aggression. There's just enough background clutter and reverb to fog everything up, and his images of drugs, illicit sex and funerals ask more questions than answer them. 

The cut is from his upcoming Sub Pop solo debut, "Fear Fun," due May 1, which he recorded under the name Father John Misty. There is a video starring Aubrey Plaza out there, but it contains a barefoot Tillman, and Pop & Hiss believes men should be seen only with footwear on; therefore, it is not embeded. Actually, it contains some NSFW moments. 

Regardless, Pop & Hiss asked Hollywood Forever's Jay Boileau, the man largely responsible for bringing musical acts to the grounds, for his take on the song. Boileau said he heard the cut about three weeks ago and added, "I am curious what inspired the title. I have tried to decipher it through the lyrics, with no luck as of yet. I do like the song, though!"

Listen below:


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-- Todd Martens

Photo: Maximilla Lukacs