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Cheese, bees and intestines? Weird Al Yankovic pokes fun at Lady Gaga in 'Perform This Way' video


We're glad that Lady Gaga has given "Weird Al" Yankovic her monster-clawed stamp of approval for the satirist to take on her hit “Born This Way.”

After a bit of drama, Yankovic premiered the video for his parody,  “Perform This Way,” on Monday morning.

Pop & Hiss previously reported that Gaga seemed to have denied permission to satirize her anthem, according to a lengthy post on Yankovic's blog. It turned out that her manager was responsible for nixing the song without sending it to Gaga first. Yankovic later wrote that Gaga's manager had apologized -- and that Mama Monster loved the cover.

Hopefully, she loves the video as well, as he certainly didn't go easy on the punches.

In the clip, Yankovic's head is digitally placed on the body of a female who sports Gaga's tattoos and matches her dance ability. He struts his stuff in an array of outlandish costumes, including a unicorn headdress, Swiss cheese, police tape, his small intestines and bees (hive included) in a send-up of her over-the-top outfits -- double points for the Madonna jab.

Despite the minor dustup, Yankovic didn't actually need Gaga's permission, but offered it as a courtesy, as his parodies have always fallen under "fair use"  in matters of copyright law.

He said he planned on donating sales from the video and song to the Human Rights Campaign.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy


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Photo: Screenshot from "Perform This Way."

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Keep it up Al - for all the stars that take themselves waaay to srsly.

That was brilliant. One of Weird Al's best efforts. The Taj Mahal hat was priceless. He must have spent a fortune creating that video.

It doesn't work to parody Lady Ga Ga because she's already a parody!

Worst "artist" ever. Yes, lots of kids stood in front of the mirror pretending the hair brush is a mike or played air guitar. The difference is that Lady Ha Ha never got past that phase, but instead developed an obsession and ended up with severe delusions of grandeur.

an American treasure


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