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Sean Kingston on the mend after critical watercraft accident

Sean_kingston Sean Kingston is on the road to recovery after being injured in a watercraft accident over the holiday weekend in Miami.

Kingston and a female passenger were injured when their watercraft crashed into the Palm Island Bridge on Sunday evening. Both were rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Though the passenger, Cassandra Sanchez, has already been discharged, Kingston remains in critical but stable condition, a rep for the singer told Pop & Hiss on Wednesday.

He is reportedly recovering from water in his lungs, a broken jaw and a fractured wrist and will take six weeks to mend.

Details continued to emerge from the accident as fans and celebs such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Serena Williams took to Twitter to send well wishes. Though the accident is still under investigation, alcohol was ruled out as a factor early on.

Sanchez told TMZ that the two were going “really fast” and that she believed he lost control when he tried to avoid the bridge. She also said she has absolutely no intentions on filing any charges against him.

"I know this whole thing was just an accident," Sanchez told TMZ. "I won't be pressing any type of charges or hiring a lawyer. Sean is a good guy."

Kingston’s rep said the singer remains at Ryder Trauma Center at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

“Sean's family asks for privacy at this time but is thankful to his friends, family and fans for their outpouring of prayers and well-wishes,” his rep said in a statement.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy


Photo: Sean Kingston arrives at the 2007 American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Credit: Mario Anzuoni/Rueters

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If alcohol was a factor she can't possibly call him a "good guy." He could have killed her because of his irresponsibility.

Brittany - That would be why it says, "alcohol was ruled OUT as a factor early on." It does help to thoroughly read an article before commenting...

Her fault. SK only has one speed

It clearly states " Though the accident is still under investigation, alcohol was ruled out as a factor early on."

You should really READ the article prior to posting ignorant remarks.

thank god sean is alright! but he only suffered a fractured wrist and a broken jaw? i thought is was worse but im glad it wasnt! sean im stil prating for you buddy get well soon.@brittnay no he didnt use drugs

They said Alcohol wasn't a factor. "Though the accident is still under investigation, alcohol was ruled out as a factor early on." Although I don't approve of speeding, I think he is still a good guy. You don't read about him too much getting into trouble, which is hard for celebrities these days.

They said that alcohol WAS ruled out already... but theyre still looking into what really happened

Get well soon from the thomas family

Get well soon from the thomas family

"...He is reportedly recovering from water in his lungs, a broken jaw and a fractured wrist..."

These injuries warrants CRITICAL CONDITION?

Uhmm if you read it clearly...it says.."alcohol was ruled out as a factor early on." Just saying!!

OMG i luv sean kingston ive been with him from the start!:) ive prayed ever scince the accident and that is one sweet girl for not pressing charges for what happen:) thank you so much for saving his life!:)!

there was nothing commented about alcohol..dont jump to conclusions or assume until everybody gets the facts..when you assume you make an ASS of U and ME


The article clearly stated that:" alcohol was ruled out as a factor early on."
Which means that Alcohol did NOT play a factor in the accident/crash happening..which also means he was NOT drunk and neither was she. Either you did not read the article or you can not comprehend. I hope it's the first one instead of the second one..I would like to hope you can comprehend...at least a little :D..Ha.

Um, reading is fundamental. Had you actually read the article, then you'd have read that the POLICE HAVE ALREADY RULED ALCOHOL OUT. Or maybe comprehension is what you lack. So, to dumb it down for you...that means that it has already been confirmed that Sean had NOT been consuming alcohol prior to the ACCIDENT. ANYWAY, it seems that the worst is possibly over for him and he'll hopefully be okay, which makes me glad to hear. He's way too young to die so soon...he has too much living ahead of him left to do.

Brittany if you read this right. It said alcohol WASN'T a factor!!!!

They said that alcohol was "ruled out" as a factor, as in it was no longer considered a factor

@Brittany ...but it wasn't a factor so be quiet. Just send them your well wishes &quit hating!

It clearly says alcohol was ruled OUT as a factor early on! Learn to read before bashing please.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the kingston family. I wish a quick and speedy recovery to sean, that fully recovers and gets back out there to make the music we love

so...was alcohol a factor?

aww poor kingston and the gurl casandra is so nice to not press charges


Sean Kingston

My wife Yathelier and I, my son Howard with his wife Janet in Miami and my son Jerry with his wife Desiree in Los Angeles have all been praying for you to get well and recover soon.

Julio Blanco


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