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Beyoncé's '4' leaks online, three weeks before release

4_album_-_Beyonce Not even Beyoncé is immune to the dangers of leaks.

On Tuesday morning, Twitter was abuzz with folks tweeting about the leak of yet another track, "Party," an André 3000-assisted midtempo produced by Kanye West and Consequence.  

That song's premature release was quickly followed by the surfacing of the Boyz II Men-sampling “Countdown.”

Clearly someone had their hands on Beyoncé's highly anticipated disc “4,” which isn’t scheduled for release until June 28.

It didn't take long for the full album to surface, though her label is attempting to chase the offending sites down.

Popular music blogs including That Grape Juice and PinBoard Blog have removed “Party” and “Countdown,” reportedly due to cease-and desist notices from the singer’s legal team, and after reporting the album had leaked in full,  Oh No They Didn't, the largest community on LiveJournal, is removing links to the album in its comment section.

But that isn’t stopping people from taking to Twitter to throw up links, as it’s a bit trickier to stem this flow. Could this be a potential hazard? The album’s first single, the dancehall jam “Run the World (Girls),” didn’t perform like previous first singles “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” "Déjà Vu” and “Crazy In Love” (though at No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100, the track is at its highest entry). Reps for the singer didn't return requests for comment.

Up until now, the singer has carefully offered a taste of the disc. After performances on both the Billboard Awards and "The Oprah Winfrey Show," she debuted the power ballad “1+1” on “American Idol.” This before releasing the second single, “Best Thing I Never Had.” The only song that managed to leak without the aid of the label (or maybe not) was the Fela Kuti-inspired “End of Time.”

Lady Gaga’s anticipated disc “Born This Way” leaked a few days before its release, which is about normal these days, and still logged an astouding 1 million copies its first week, so who knows how much the leak will damage Beyoncé's bottom line. 


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-- Gerrick D. Kennedy


Photo: Album cover for "4." Credit: Columbia Records

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Damn This album is pure Crap There’s no good songs on it. The whole album is really boring and stupid, the rhythm is weird and irksome, not even gettin so high with the baddest drug in the world U can enjoy it. Beyonce tried to be original but it turned out to be pure bullshit. She doesn’t deserve the Millennium Award

I feel it for Beyonce's Album!!!!!!!! I can imagine how she feel right now... She needs to act fast and star Promoting Now as speak. Or force release her Astounding Album....

Lady Gaga had to discount her album to 99cents to get it to sell that much. All the promotion she did wouldn't have pushed it that far over the top had it not been for her selling it for less than a dollar.

Listen to this Jessie idiot, how can an album be a flop when it haven't came out yet. Some ppl need to shut up sometimes.

i think she should step her game up cuz slows songs ain gonna do her justice.

Leaks are part of the marketing plan. Thats how you hype up supposed "new music" for all these hacks. C'mon.

The album, in my opinion could be better if there were more tracks like 16 songs. I don't know why she recorded about 60 songs and these are the only ones that made the cut. The album is pretty ok but it's very slow with mostly mids. Really my favorite track is "Countdown".

Dear SEVEN BENJAMIN, We all hope that you do not end up like your father who has low self esteem and disrespects himself and women. We hope you have some dignity and get married to one woman one day instead of trying to build your self worth by bedding groupies like your father Andre 3000. Your grandfather Lawrence Walker was never around and your grandmother Sharon Benjamin Hodo had to raise your crooked dad all by herself. Look what happened. Now your own father, Andre 3000, can't move to Dallas, Texas because he's broke. He'd rather bed nameless women then spend time with you.

When will people understand that Lady Gaga's album was not released for 99 cents as a flop, Amazon paid the extra 9 dollars for every album bought online, so all the money still counted towards sales. and poor Bey, this was going to be her and Gaga's year and now its gonna affect her a lot. it pisses me off how we cant even wait for an album to come out. Femme Fatale leaked before its release, although i wasn't looking forward to that but, Born this way leaked, still sold 2 million copies worldwide on first week, and now"4" which i was looking forward to. This is going to hurt Bey's sales really bad.

I'm disappointed in Andre 3000. There's a rumor going around in Atlanta that he is broke and only doing features on songs for money. Supposedly he was going to move to Dallas to be with his son Seven Benjamin but didn't have enough money to do so. You know how it is when you take jobs for money - the integrity suffers. He did a better verse on Kesha's song! I did not understand his verse on Beyonce's song. He mentions his friends then he says she should mess with him then later he asks her why she is messing with him??? Andre 3000 is showing his AGE! That boy better do something! What did Andre spend his money on? A loft in Buckhead? A Porsche? HIs failed clothing line? He should have spent it on being with his kid in Dallas. He's just another black father that isn't there. So typical. He's made money but doesn't know how to keep his money. He wants to be an actor but doesn't want to work hard to keep it up.


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