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Taylor Swift benefit concert raises more than $750,000 for tornado victims

Taylor Swift 5-21-2011 Nashville Christie Goodwin 
Taylor Swift’s concert Saturday in Nashville drew more than 13,000 people and raised more than  $750,000 for victims of recent tornadoes in the South. 

Swift donated proceeds from ticket sales, merchandise and other facets of the show, which she transformed into a benefit from what was to have been the final dress rehearsal for the North American leg of her Speak Now tour. The tour opens Friday in Omaha, Neb., and reaches Los Angeles in August for four sold-out shows at Staples Center.

“I’ve never opened a rehearsal to the public before,” Swift said in a note posted on her website, “but I felt that inviting my fans to the last rehearsal for the Speak Now Tour would be a great way to raise money.”  She also streamed performances of two songs during the show -- “Mine” and “The Story of Us” -- with information on donating to the Speak Now Help Now fund she set up for the event, in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Here's some footage of Swift giving background on the event and some highlights from the show:


On Sunday night, Swift collected three trophies at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas: the Top 200 Albums Artists Award, signifying her as 2010’s bestselling album artist in all genres, and top country artist and top country album for “Speak Now.” 


Taylor Swift to stream two performances during Saturday benefit concert in Nashville

Taylor Swift: The next chapter

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-- Randy Lewis

Photo of Taylor Swift during a benefit concert for tornado victims Saturday in Nashville. Credit:
Christie Goodwin.

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Taylor Swift is such a giving person - she gave nashville $500,000 in 2010 and 500,000 in 2009 to help flood victims. Now $750,000 and I know of another 400,000 last year. she just gives and does not use the public realations hype to get credit for it! she just gives to those that need help! Taylor is nashville !!!! Carrie Underwood amount of money given to nashville >>> $ 000000 So who is the real nashvile girl? Taylor Swift - reba gave 100,000 Garth did some concerts and rasied alot and kenny is doing concerts also to help just like Taylor did! ! These are real nashville people. I think Carrie is going to go shoping at nordstrom and spend some money and then say she helped nashville people! lol Carrie is not a real nashville gal! sorry but her not giving to nashville proves it! she only gives a little back to her home town in oklahoma where they made a big fake check for her to stand bye so she would be on the news in oklahoma!!! publicity hound who makes a big fake check to stand next too? not in nashville! just publicity hounds!

My heart goes out to the victims of this horrible tragedy and I pray that they will slowly begin to rebuild their lives. Not sure why this has been turned into a Taylor Swift Show?! and why she is rubbing it in! giving from the heart does not need to flaunted on websites! it's not about her... the victims are the ones that count! She used a tragedy to promote her tour and her CD! that's not very nice! I am not a huge fan of this overrated person that claims to be singer; she has continued to ride the Kanye sympathy wave for all that it's worth! and with this latest publicity stunt; I am completely done with her. When the return of real music revolution comes she'll become one of the first forgotten.

To the victims of these terrible tragedy; be strong and know that we are all with you in prayer. As for Taylor Swift: Too bad the rapture did not take place as scheduled. I had hoped that she would be one of the ones swooped up to a distant planet along with the nutjobs that predicted that mess. This is shameless self promotion for the tour and her CD. She is no longer relevant and I guess she has to do all she can to keep her 'fans' interested.


LOL at victoria and jenna!!! the girl helped those in need and you both have the nerve to say that she does this for herself... get over yourself!!!! all the ticket sales, merch, tshirts all of that goes to the victims... she donated almost 1 million to the victims and you both talk sh** about her.

I attended this event and I'm glad and priviledged that I did. I helped the victims and seen such a classy, kind hearted and talented young lady.

To those saying this is a publicity stunt: It's not. Listen: Taylor Swift doesn't need more publicity to sell tickets, all her shows were pretty much sold out before this whole thing either way.

Think before you speak.

What a great person, keep up the good work big T!

@ Ryan... - LOL! you were there uh? well those are hours out of your life wasted that can never be recovered! I am assuming that your hearing wasn't affected too badly? I hear that Stevie Nicks is still in recovery from the awful grammy performance! yup! I am sad for you. If she did this purely for the victims, then I would also like to inform you that I am the Queen of England. She knew very well that mentioning the tour while tying it to a tragedy would have us talking - and we are! This was done out of pure selfishness and self promotion. I hope she has taken the time to familiarize herself with what is really going on down there. Oh wait! she will do that and take camera's with her! stay tuned!


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