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Rhino Entertainment launches its ultimate music geek iPhone App

May 3, 2011 |  1:32 pm

Rmatlogo Rhino's famed test for musical aptitude just joined the App world. Rhino Entertainment announced Tuesday that the Rhino Musical Aptitude Test App is now available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Rhino began its search for the ultimate sage of sound about 15 years ago by administering multiple-choice tests at music stores across the country. When taken in person, Rhino would turn test-day into an event, making available No. 2 pencils and vintage desks. Yet today's surviving indie outlets are thriving with more modern promotions, such as the all-exclusive bonanza that is Record Store Day, so what better place to test your music smarts than on a smartphone?

The App is designed to take players on a journey through music history of all genres, requiring players to answer five multiple choice questions per round before they can advance to the next trivia gauntlet. Each round allows players to deploy three lifesaving Guitar Picks, which reduce the number of possible answers from four to two. However, you can only miss three questions per round before you inherit the shame of the words “game over.”

With over 1,200 questions across a wide variety of genres and decades and several difficulty modes, the RMAT App will either confirm your monumental knowledge or inspire, perhaps, a trip to the record store.

-- Nate Jackson


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