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Lady Gaga's 'Judas' video leaks: Leather, Mary Magdalene, foot washing and dance galore

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Patience is a virtue, unless Lady Gaga is involved. 

For the last week-plus, E! has been touting its exclusive premiere of Gaga’s new video, “Judas,” set to be broadcast at 7 p.m. Thursday. But when does a timed release ever go according to schedule? On Thursday morning, Gaga's fans were treated to the video in full when a leaked copy spread throughout the Internet.

The clip for “Judas” -- like all things Gaga -- is sure to cause a firestorm, as it tells a Gaga-esque re-imagining of Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus with the singer as Mary Magdalene.

Her version, however, opens with Christ (wearing a modern gold crown, and cornrows) and his Apostles channeling “Sons of Anarchy” as they cruise down a Los Angeles freeway on motorcycles and in leather regalia. Loads of religious imagery follows, including an interesting take on foot washing and, of course,  plenty of gyrations

“Judas” was directed by Gaga and her creative director-choreographer, Laurieann Gibson. We caught up with Gibson to talk about her continued work with the singer and her reality show, which airs on, you guessed it, folks, E! Gibson directed the video, which was filmed in early April at Universal Studios Hollywood. She promised that “Judas” would be just as controversial as anything she's done before.

“I've been waiting my whole life [for this]. I'm really blown away by it,” Gibson said. “You might cry, and not for the visual content, well you might because the visual is beautiful, but [fans will] be proud. It’s almost like the struggle is over. It was amazing.”

Gibson admitted there was some resistance from Gaga’s label for her to direct the clip; it’s only the second video she’s directed (she helmed Keri Hilson’s “The Way You Love Me”).

“What I learned was dealing with people that doubt my process. Or don’t understand that I’m capable of directing. I know you’re nervous, I understand,” she laughs. “You’re looking at me like, ‘It’s a bigger artist, it’s more money.’ But you forgot, I’ve been here since Day 1. I’m really proud of it.”

Gaga has called the filming and directing of the video "the most exciting artistic moment of my career. It's the greatest work we've done."

Check out the official video here.


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-- Gerrick D. Kennedy

Photo: Screen shot of Lady Gaga's official site advertising the premiere of the video.


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The video is amazing! Gaga has once again proven that when it comes to overall artistry she has no peer.


First one to comment... I've got nothing to say.
Except that Lady G will continue offending millions regardless of how the media works it. She is creative, yes, but the direction she goes in will be interpreted many ways. She knows how to manipulate the media to her advantage, so she must receive props for that in itself.

The Video is beautiful. I am shocked on how the story just unfolds. I love Lady Gaga and I feel so liberated and moved by this video.

Stinks...crap ...turned it off mid-way through!!! Madonna has nothing to worry about Lady Gaga's fame will end soon....very soon!

it was good not her best i still think telephone is the video of this generation
still its better than anything katy perry or rihanna has to offer
lets not forget a lot of madonna's videos were not that entertaining i thought the like a prayer video was boring but i changed my mind when i compared it to other artists competing against madonna
i still think gaga is a diamond in the rough and she definitely knows how to control both good and bad media

Why even look at it? She does stuff like this to create controversy, that's all; controversy which the only purpose is to put another dollar in her pocket. There isn't a single bit of sincere artistic content to anything she does.

i was too late. the video was taken down-___-

The video just seems over done. The group choreographed dance was really lame IMO. I don’t mind the video graph, but some parts just felt like they wasted the budget and had to rush through. Did like seeing Norman Reedus tho! The gun in the face is very Boondock Saints.

Soooooooooooo boring. What would REALLY freak people out: A video of a band playing on stage with no ADHD-cameramen, no lip-synching, no cheesy blue screen shenanigans, and no gender-ambiguous nasty backup dancers. If Gaga wants to go against the norm and do something different, then she should stop these pathetically-desperate attempts to try and be original.


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