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Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' leaks online, but will fans listen or wait it out?


Just as Lady Gaga was being named one of the pop songwriters of the year at Tuesday night's 2011 BMI Pop Music Awards, she was creating a frenzy online after her latest effort, “Born This Way,” leaked on the Internet.

The hugely anticipated album, set to hit shelves Monday, was scheduled to stream early Wednesday on the website of the British newspaper Metro -- for its users only -- but in this day in age, it wasn’t going to stay locked down for long.

Interestingly, reading the mass of tweets on the leak, her fans seem to be mixed. And not over the quality of the album (folks are generally loving the disc, with its leanings of '80s metal, electro and pop-rock). Instead, fans are split between (illegally) downloading the album they have been waiting for, or waiting five whole days to purchase Mama Monster’s latest effort.

One fan wrote, "I refuse to listen to the born this way leak. I actually refuse," while another was annoyed at the leak and questioned why the singer would allow the stream because they were "waiting for the 23rd, when we could all hear it together."

Though Gaga is never afraid to speak out against leaks (even if she later deletes a profane-laced tweet, as she has done before following a video leak), she hasn’t spoken out about the album surfacing online.

Like all things she does, the rollout of the album has been extremely calculated, and to satisfy fan demand she made tracks such as the anthemic “Hair,” “Edge of Glory” and “Marry the Night” available on iTunes, with the latter curiously being released through the virtual reality Facebook app Farmville.

We won't enable the leak by linking to it, but Google is your friend if you really can't wait.

Have you listened to "Born This Way"? If so, what do you think of the work Gaga touted as the "greatest album of this decade"?


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-- Gerrick D. Kennedy

Photo: Lady Gaga poses during a photo call before a news conference promoting her new album, "Born This Way", in Mexico City on May 6. Credit: Henry Romero / Reuters

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Very weak album.... !!

Just like I expected. Lady Gaga's new album is not 'the album of the decade' and pretty mundane. Just hype ..

Gaga knows that it leaked, and she knew it was going to. Gaga doesn't care that it leaked, she just cares if her little monsters love it (and they do). She wants her fans to hear it. Not about the money or the charts.

People really misunderstood the term "Best Album of the Decade" people seemed to think of it as "Best Album EVER" I mean, we have to wait several YEARS to see if it's the best album of the decade.

Sure, it's not the best. But it DEFINITELY beats Britney's tracks. I can't think of a single album released from 2010-present that's better than this. Can you?

So so far, it IS the best album of the decade. :)

Excellent album! "Album of the decade" is stretching it, but it's still an excellent album. I'm sure many will dislike it because mainstream radio seems to cater to the oh so consistent sounds of producers like Dr. Luke. However, I am sure many will find it an amazing piece of pop/electronic/rock fusion.

It won't sell 30 million like Interscope records.... but it will certainly give Adele a run for its money.

It definitely trumps the fame in my opinion - I really like it. My only criticism is it all sounds very similar and 80s... disappointing how she went from pushing the boundaries of pop music with tracks like poker face, to this.

are all the songs rip off of Madonna or just certain ones?

And since when does copying an existing song make one "songwriter of the year"?

"She wants her fans to hear it. Not about the money or the charts."

Yes, because her record label doesn't care if she makes a dime.

Sorry, but if people's wallets aren't gaga over Gaga Gaga is gonna be nada

this album is phenomenal....and the critics like it but the fans are going crazy! This is easily the best album I've heard this decade.

< A fan who buys music, because illegal downloads sound horrible, leak or no leak.

Definitely the BEST album of the decade!! her best works!!! She has evolved and now she is brave enough to sing about herself and her own identity

My friend is a big Gaga fan and he did DL it illegal, but said he was gonna buy multiple copies when it comes out bcuz he wants her to be on top! LOL! I thought only Idol fans bought multiple copies of their favs albums?

She made $90M last year...I doubt she cares too much about the royalties from this single album!!

Whoever green lighted that album cover should be fired.

Why isn't it album of the decade. I bet you in 10 years we will actually look back and say it is.

Best. Album. Ever. Album of my life. Completely original and I'm engulfed with creativity when I listen to it .

I pre-ordered the album months ago (or when it was first available, not sure if it's been months, but it's been a little while), so I had no problem with taking an early listen, and the album is good. It's great. Maybe not the "album of a decade", but like so many have pointed out, it's going to be at least ten years until we can determine the validity of that comment. I believe it's the best album I've heard this year so far, not only because of the music, but because of the attention I know she paid to the album as a whole. Adele's "21" was a damn good album and seems to be what people are comparing this album most too, second to Britney's "Femme Fatale", maybe just because "21" will be the album "Born This Way" replaces atop the Billboard 200 when (if) it makes it next week. But "21" is MUCH too similar to "19" to be considered truly phenomenal. Like I said, it's DAMN good, but "Born This Way" is COMPLETELY different from "The Fame". That's something I can respect, and therefore I believe "Born This Way" is well on its way to being awarded (and deservingly so) album of the year at the 2012 Grammy Awards, if it doesn't end up becoming the album of the decade. It's certainly an album to be remembered.

Lady Gaga in farmville? I wonder if there are limited edition Lady Gaga items that you can buy while this event is still going on.

From what i've heard from the album so far its amazing.
I hope it sells 1 million+ in its first week (:
and it is so far the album of the decade.

The album is just okay. I think it's overly produced. Gaga has a great voice, so I was expecting her to use her range with different styles of tracks and beats. I listened to it last night and most of the songs have the same tempo throughout the album. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy good beats and dance songs but come on if you're going to proclaim it as the "album of the decade", at least have some "WOW" factor. First listen didn't impress me much

The album is awesome, ha can't wait for some of the new tracks to hit the radio, and the videos, there will be at least one bad romance on the bunch. Adele, her previous album sounds the same, Her songs are good, but they are not addictive like Gaga's. Born this Way, the better album. In fact best album in the LAST 10 years. Album of this decade, I really don't think so, because I know somewhere along the way Gaga will release another album that will blow "Born This Way" one out of the water.

I'm Gaga's fan and I think that it's the album of the year but not the album of decade. This album is her best studio album but not her BEST ALBUM, for me The Fame Monster is THE ALBUM OF THE DECADE if we compare it to Born This Way. For me THE BEST TRACK AND BEST SONG OF GAGA is Scheibe it was simply amazing. Beside the 3 lead singles I think that Marry The Night and Heavy Metal Lovers and Scheibe of course are the best songs of the album. I also liked (but did not loved) Hair, Americano and Fashion of His Love. Haven't heard Black Jesus nor the queen

I like six out of the fourteen songs. Less than half will do for me, though. The anthemic songs like Marry the Night, Hair and Edge of Glory are pretty lackluster to me. It's songs like Americano, Scheibe, You and I and Judas that strike me as the most electrifying songs on the album. I'm still going to buy the special edition, though. Not only for a slightly better album cover but for the three extra songs that come with it and came redeem this "album of the decade."

Only Gaga fans would defend the crappy 80's rock/jazz/madonna inspired and copied album that is Born This Way. The album is far away from all expectations and the hype that Gaga has created. Each song starts off with excellent beats, then drags for the rest of the minutes. You can't sit and get through even one song. Lady Gaga R.I.P. But you will never be forgotten as the genius that has created 'the fame' album in the past. We'll always appreciate that. Have fun sinking down and fading away, Gaga. The 15 minute fame clock is ticking and not even meat dresses can save you in the near future. Good bye!

This album is truly a masterpiece, it's an euphoric audio trip thru 80's pop and modern synth/electro music. It's EPIC. The Little Monsters will be very very pleased, i just hope they have a Defibrillator close by as they will go into cardia arrest. A++

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