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RX Bandits announce breakup plans after summer U.S. tour


RX Bandits fans were shocked and saddened Tuesday to learn that this year's summer U.S. tour would be the band's last. A brief statement was released via Sargent House, RX Bandits' L.A.-based management company and record label.

This from the band via Sargent House's website:

Dear friends,
We would like to express our love and appreciation for all that you’ve done for us and how much a part of our growth you have been. We have all mutually decided that this summer will be our last tour. We love each other and love you all and hope to see you at the shows.


Although firm dates for the final tour haven't been announced, it's been slated to start June 25 and will last through July, said Sargent House founder Cathy Pellow. Though the Long Beach-based band may be calling it quits, Pellow said, it still plans to make music in different permutations, something it has done for years in various side projects, including Coke vs. Bills, Love You Moon and Technology. However, the band has no plans to tour or record under its RXB moniker, Pellow said. Currently, singer-guitarist Matt Embree and drummer Chris Tsagakis both have separate projects in the works to be released on Sargent house.

"They definitely feel like didn't want to overstay their welcome," Pellow said. "They wanted to go out on top." The band, formed in 1995, has undergone a constant stylistic metamorphasis since the early '00s, shedding its ska roots for a progressive mix of pummeling prog, reggae and soul as well as scattershot sounds from a dozen other genres.

In addition to the final tour, the Bandits are scheduled to play at the Barn at UC Riverside on April 20, the Bamboozle festival in New Orleans April 29-30 and the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club Coming Out Party at Mariner's Point in San Diego on May 14. 

-- Nate Jackson

Photo: RX Bandits. Credit: Mitchell Wojcik

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I've been listening to RXB since I was a teenager. That says a lot considering I'm nearly 29 now. No band has been played more than RXB. Album after album, I've loved. From the old Those Damn Bandits album to the latest Mandela, they've continually put out great music. Your shows will truly be missed guys.

I don't even know where to start with all of my memories. I have seen them 10 times and each time was memorable and wild in its own way.

I got into them completely by accident. I had backstage tickets for a Bad Religion and Less Than Jake show, but I went out of state with family instead. I was in a pretty dour mood so my parents took me to a record store and promised me one CD, with the requirement that it couldn't have the parental advisory sticker. Most of the CDs I wanted did, but then I saw progress. I hadn't heard RxB before but I knew they were a ska band so I figured I would give it a try and got Progress.

It wasn't at all what I expected but I was hooked. The next ten years saw me traveling across state lines on school and work nights to see them play in crowded attics, basements, renovated warehouses, college ballrooms, and half-empty venues just for an hour of RxB. I ruined one car and had three near-death experiences on these trips. The next mornings were always hell, but it was all worth it.

I remember geeking out for months at a time listening to terrible quality live videos and leaked studio tracks. These always came out at least six months before an album so I was an antsy, obsessive mess around my friends and family during the wait, forcing these almost-unintelligible videos on them. As I got older and realized how technical the music was, it got even worse. No one wanted to hear about what time signature Chris was using or how the bass tone set up the interludes perfectly. When the albums finally came out, they understood, and often got hooked too.

I can't narrow down my RxB experience to one single memory. It is all the road trips with friends, the crazy experiences before or after shows, the hangouts with RxB and their anecdotes (Matt, when describing his 3,000 mile Plea For Peace bicycle tour through the mountains along the Pacific Coast: I didn't prepare for it. You should think of that stuff if you ever consider something like this.), the offbeat venues, and the new bands found that come to mind when I think of RX Bandits.

Good luck with whatever comes next, and thanks for the memories.

The Bamboozle Festival is in New Jersey. They are in New Orleans this weekend.

Other than that, great write up. Sad to see such a hugely talented band fold their cards, but somewhat of a comfort to know they will still be making music in one form or another.

Will always love and miss RXB....their performance changed my life...cant wait for July 10 in Philly


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