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Machine Project, please make at least one more dog/human ticket available for this production. Thank you.


Dear Machine Project,

I live very close to your gallery and I own a dog who is about to go through serious surgery. Is there any way you would permit us to attend your production of "Tragedy on the Sea Nymph: An Operetta in Three Acts Starring an All-Dog Cast"? The ten-minute silent film, directed by Elizabeth Cline and edited by local folkstress Emily Lacy, will be accompanied by live human singers and musicians in a musical score composed by Lewis Pesacov, guitarist in Fool's Gold and Foreign Born, as well as the producer who imbued Best Coast's debut with (even more) lovesick fuzz.

I see that all the tickets for the May 15th event are sold out (including humans solo and the human/dog combo ticket), but I do believe this would be a healing experience for my dog. He loves the cinema and the sea. Thanks for your consideration.

--Margaret Wappler

P.S. I hope you have some Rescue Remedy on hand for any pups who might find it difficult to watch a film of their own kind "performing the romance and tragedy of clandestine lovers shipwrecked at sea." I, for one, would've loved a calming elixer while watching "Blue Valentine," but maybe that's just me.


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Photo: Two dogs from "Tragedy on the Sea Nymph"; Lewis Pesacov. Credit: Machine Project; Marianne Williams

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