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Coachella 2011: A message for the girl in line for the porta potty behind McLovin

April 18, 2011 |  1:40 pm

Mclovin Yes, Christopher Mintze-Plasse is the patron saint of awkward teens, but asking to take a picture with him while he waits in line for a porta potty at Coachella -- that's even awkward by McLovin standards.

Remember the story-turned-fable about how Jake Gyllenhaal tried to beat up some guy for taking his picture while he used the bathroom at this year's SXSW? Well, that could have been the girl who was in line for the portable toilets behind McLovin on Sunday.

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Just something you might want to remember if you're thinking of tapping a guy on the shoulder and asking for a photo when he is gearing up for a really private moment. (Luckily, Mintz-Plasse was a sport and posed with the girl -- albeit awkwardly.) 


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-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Credit: Jessica Gelt