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Coachella 2011: Beardyman, the beat-box chef extraordinaire

April 13, 2011 |  3:53 pm

Who: Beardyman
When: April 15
From: London

Human beat-boxing has always been more about the idea of man impersonating machine than man versus machine. Even for Beardyman, known for looping samples of his voice-made beats into infectious dance music, it’s more of a collaborative affair. Manning a blinking bay of Korg Kaoss Pad III's, the London native produces entire DJ sets with nimble fingers and throaty bass skills. Add in a dose of eccentric humor and live improvisation and you’ve got the ingredients for a viral sensation.

The popularity of his “Kitchen Diaries” videos, which feature him combining beat-boxing with cooking, are the proof, with more than 4 million total views on YouTube.

On the heels of his debut album release, aptly titled “I Done a Album” (released March 21), the two-time U.K. beat-box champion, born Darren Foreman, traverses various sonic terrain. Listen to the dance-floor pulsation of “Where Does Your Mind Go,” or the sun-drenched world music of “Twist Your Ankle” to get the idea.

Coming to Coachella on Friday at the Sahara tent, the man dubbed "Deus Ex Barba" (God out of Beard) by his fans will exhibit the woofer-rattling harmony that exists when microchips and mouth muscles unite.


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-- Nate Jackson